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introduction about me


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Hey there I am wasabi, I used to be known by some players and maybe some not ?

I use to play ze and zr both servers and i am friendly by many ? my discord wasabi.BH#0001

My own discord server to hang out with me so join fast ??https://discord.gg/F48r5RTg7G

My YouTube channel where I supposed to upload videos of zr and ze NiDE, so here's the link?Go subscribe if u love nide ?https://youtube.com/channel/UCfOXLcLqqEd7gEG6V0XtWXw

I have my gametracker profile where I upload map screenshots for some part of help ?


Here's my steam account 


Follow me in the forum for same ,really thankful 

Byebye have a nice day?



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Hey there I am UncleDujabaTwitch, I only know few players here like zellow, hweyeon, cron, cuhz, etc (I forgot the others).

I use to play only ze on css also I'm a csgo player. I like tryhard maps playing on ze.



Follow me in the forum for same ,really thankful 

Byebye have a nice day.

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