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Rules about admin/vote-extending maps.


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I feel like a lot of people feel the same way about what I am going to say, and its been something I have wanted to talk about for a while: "No vote-extends on maps"

This has been something I have found odd for a while. Admins do not extend maps that we are likely to beat, for an unknown reason. There are even admins getting their admin frozen for a week just for extending a map. WTF!?

This has happened quite recently on multiple maps. A lot of maps have 3-4 extends which is at least 1-1 1/2 hours of map time, but sometimes the maps are still not beaten in that time. If admins were to extend, then we could probably beat. An example of an admin extending was batatatata yesterday. He did a vote extend for genso, vote passed, and we won. Sometimes Admins just need to step up and extend a map, which isn't even that hard. The trend in ZE at the moment is a casual way of playing, but it doesn't mean that casual maps get extended by admins and tryhard maps don't.

On unloze, you will often see admin extending a map that can be beaten, but was not beaten with all vote extends, whereas here, it is rare to see such thing. And on gfl csgo, a vote extend will always open if a map is still not beaten and all extends are used.

Its also quite disheartening whenever you play full map session for 1 hour, only to get to the last stage and there is no extend. Often times I will see server playercount drop from 64 to 30~ after a map is changed, despite the fact that we could've won if an admin had extended. This is likely due to players losing motivation to play well because they probably could have won. Even though maps are played everyday, players still deserve to have a chance at beating the map.

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  • Management

Admin extends are not allowed on ff maps because they have more extends in their config than normal maps has.

But they are indeed allowed to extend maps that when all normal map extends have been used to fully complete the map. Therefore I also hope my admins do extend whenever players feel like they need 1 extra when all extends are used.

And no admins have been frozen for this action only by force extending when no vote was created at all

Let me know if there has been any issues regarding this with any admin privately thankyou 🙂

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  • Server Admin

I have never ran into this issue yet where a map is out of extends and it still has not been beaten and players want an additional extend. 

Usually i have players on the servers asking for an extend after we just completed a vote (where an extend was available) and the players on the server decided to select a new map. The current map should not be extended in this case as the server just voted on it. Also when the score of a map is maybe 0-5 and no where near being beaten and people want to an admin to extend even though there are none left. If this is the case i will also not extend as the current players in the server are not capable of beating it at that moment. 

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