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Locked Weeed Pika and Balone abusing on luciddreams


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1: Maso
2: already posted on forums
3: Weeed, 21 Pika, Balone
4: css ze
5: luciddreams
6: 04/02/23 extend 2
7: We were playing lucid dreams then after cubes balone does vote to slay ct and it passes, so he slay ct. He slay 1more then weeed slay 1 ct, and then he say "we slaying 5 ct". Then next round, these admins slay 5~ cts , but they dont care. why admins are allowed to act in this way when we are still playing the map.
8: Proof: check demos

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Hello Maso, sorry for a delay in dealing with this report. 
Following admins have been warned, and hopefully they wont repeat their mistakes again in the future.

Best regards.

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