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Locked Striiker admin abuse


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1: Your own ingame name Creepy
2: Your own steam-ID Already have it
3: Name of the admin(s) involved Striiker
4: What server did it happen on Zombie Escape
5: What map deadcore
6: Time and date 3/5/2023 at 4:15 PM around that
7: Explain the situation I wanted to lead deadcore after i joined during the event, i was leading properly and WB didnt had any issue at least from my perspective because no one gave me any attention, when i was leading people were choking at defending and i was telling them to defend their own corner and not let any zombie inside platform, this was big as f*ck abuse and no wonder people making fun of nide 24/7 because of how stupid nide admins can be, striiker dont even play on server often and thats how situation gonna f*cking end up, i dont know why mute someone for 30 minute for f*cking leading i wasnt even spamming my soundboard, so tell me do you guys have new rule that you guys mute leaders now or what? or am i supposed to suck your dick so i can lead and get unmute and immunity or whatever? this is just too much and already this striiker scumbag ruined my day a bit because of his 0 iq play, i was legitimately leading properly like i always do and trollers decided to say "ruined 4-0 " etc like its funny, its not. I told them correctly each step how to defend and how to  fall back, i was even saying to which side to go if its teleport to that stage "C or D" or whatever, but i was saying squares because not everyone know the names. 

The abuse is just too much and i hope his admin will get deleted instead frozen 24/7 because this dude will never learn how to act in a situation. Sure i spam sometimes or even troll but not all the time. And many people know it. This guy totally lost respect of most people already because what he did. Its litteraly circus what is going on....
8: Proof Check the logs on discord and you will see how big of a minute i received for that and you can watch demo that i wanted to lead, i didnt know WB was leading or whatever my self

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  • Event Manager

Hello Creepy, thanks for the report.

Bacon was leading the map since stage 1. Even before you start leading stage 2 you and other players did some noises on the mic and for that reason i muted everyone because this is an event and Bacon was leading the map.
I will admit that we could have told you to stop and let Bacon lead instead, but we rushed to control the situation and stop the noises that were being made.
After the mute you had STEAMID_PENDING which, i don't know if you know, it's against the rules when it comes to avoiding punishments.

You can join the server since the only thing that happen was the mute and the kick because of your STEAMID_PENDING.

Best Regards.

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Yes but still should have let me know, i didnt made any noise either just did some talking, and i didnt know bacon was leading cuz map dont usually need leader at least based on my experience where i played it on css/csgo and we played it casually, but that time you really upset me and sorry if i was toxic in this report maybe it was too much, but still you should let me lead or just message on chat "Creepy, WB is currently leading can you let him continue" like civilised admin because we are players who wanna play or lead or whatever and have fun, if you just gonna mute everyone its not gonna work but make people more upset just like me, and i did this exploit with steam ID pending only to ask why you muted me because i was upset and i did it once, that was sure against the rules but i didnt spammed but only wanted to talk, anyway idc anymore, i just hope it will not happen next time but i still want higher admin to have word on this or something since they know better how to handle this situation...

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  • Developer
12 hours ago, ๑Creepy_ said:

 i did this exploit with steam ID pending only to ask why you muted me because i was upset and i did it once, that was sure against the rules but i didnt spammed but only wanted to talk

It's in the rules, what did you except? You can contact him on steam, discord or forum. No need to use this exploit. 

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Hello Shadowcreepy,
I missed your reports for real, but they don't get better with time unlike wine.
You are so contradictory : on your same report you complain about being muted because you wanted to lead. Then you say this map don't need leader.
It was event, and Striiker gave you a feedback and admit it was maybe a bit fast, but since it was an event next time take that in consideration too. If you want people to listen to you, listen also to others since Striiker told you WB was leading.
Don't take admins for retards especially about that Steam ID Pending, since I personally punished you lately and you avoid it with that. 
Next time you do that Creepy it will be a ban. 
Topic close have a good day

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