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  1. Laith has been warned for these abuses. Any admin who abuse his power will be punished accordingly to our rules and higher staff decisions. Thank you. Topic closed
  2. Life is a Bitch

    Topic closed after talking with Allah.
  3. Life is a Bitch

    Hello, Yes you got perma banned. Stay on the complicated route, will be the best for everyone. When you arrive at a point you are perma, at least you try, but perma is perma. Until I am in the team no one or even higher up will touch the perma. No clue why you were perma? 23 bans, last one you avoid like you said so perma is forever. Topic closed
  4. Life is a Bitch

    Hello Ventus, Thank you for taking time to talk with me in PM too this is highly appreciate ! I talked with both of you : Tiger and Ventus, it happened that this was a little lack of communication which leads to : Tiger ebanned you then you made the report. But there were no mistake in your two attitudes. I will highlight one good thing about the report : you mention precisely the demo that has to be seen. Reporters should take this as an example. Topic is closed
  5. Life is a Bitch

    @allah thanks for quoting me maybe 10 times, but I will follow your request @allah and I will let someone else reply to the @allah report ! I am not strict with any specific players or admins. i am the incarnation of neutrality. Maybe I should ask for swiss nationality, what do you think @allah ? More seriously : the freeze was one week for one of your report. For the other about bowser i checked demo and there were no issue. So yes the freeze was one week from the 31st may to the 7th of june. It was just a vendetta you had on him. But I shouldnt answer as you asked it so maybe all f
  6. Life is a Bitch

    Hello Fallag helmi! Your application has been accepted. Sin was a donated admin and his donated expired it was different and faster. Sin paid us to reply faster also
  7. Life is a Bitch

    Thank you for your report. The round on bowser was pretty over even if indeed deepn shouldn't have dropped heal for poison. deepn admin has been froze one week I would suggest also to be more active, as while watching the demos i noticed lot of spam and you could have also mute the spammers instead of spamming lennies Topic closed
  8. Life is a Bitch

    As of the current time, management agrees that there were no issues with Lmntrixs actions and thus the topic is closed
  9. Life is a Bitch

    Yes wait a bit we will come back to you within the next few days, thank you for your patience
  10. Life is a Bitch

    Since you were toxic as hell during this event : insulting different admins (and also few days ago), indeed perma was a bit long. But regarding fact that this was an event + that you ve been agressive with admins + that you have been an admin on Nide (even if u would say you did nothing which is true and were not admin for a long time) : the lenght been reduced to 1 month We don't want toxic player with bad behaviour like you had Ban been reduced to 2 weeks. Topic closed. Oh and just medidate on these sentences : i am improveing my self as a person right now i think i can commuci
  11. Life is a Bitch

    Hello, Thank you for the report. Playb still muted and should not have been unmuted. deepn admin has been frozen 1 week Topic closed
  12. Life is a Bitch

    Hello Daddy, Yes he was demoted (once not multiple times). And you can see that unlike others admins that left and can comeback as admin, f0rze need to be trial again. Why not giving an other chance to people ? (rhetorical question) If you want to come back with a specific / clear / precise abuse then feel free to do so. Topic closed
  13. Life is a Bitch

  14. Life is a Bitch

    Do not be sorry of making report.... But next time stop making report and first : 1) ask in game admins, when you see something weird, they were many admins on when it happened 2) the zombies spawn randomly on a side, and it s easy to boost them on each side as this is how this map works Would be better to remove such a trash map than handling this report. No abuse, topic closed.
  15. Life is a Bitch

    Your applications are getting better and better bolol, thank your for it. But sadly your application has been denied
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