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  1. Life is a Bitch

    Hello @Freecazoid Your application has been accepted.
  2. Life is a Bitch

    Neutral You said you have been admin in the past, but on which server ? i was one of the main admins on the server.
  3. Life is a Bitch

    Hello Alanee ! Thank you for your application. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept you as we have a rule that requires you to be 16 >> So final answer is : DENIED Thank you for your understanding. Have a good day Ala Topic closed
  4. Life is a Bitch

    Hello Lain, We talked about your application with others admins. No one know about you .... You said you have been admin on nide and Unloze ? Never seen you on both servers during the last years. When have you been admin ? If we are right (which seems to be the case) and you lied about that, then you already know the answer of your application : DENIED I let the thread open to see your answer. Have a good day !
  5. Life is a Bitch

    Hello WeeeD, Your application has been accepted !
  6. Hello MMRandy, Thank you for your message. The ebanned has been removed as others admins told you, so this is ok. For the mute part you spam a lot and regarding your Comms history this one is deserved. That would maybe let you some time to think about spamming less in the future. Have a good day Topic closed
  7. Life is a Bitch

    Hello WeeeD Thank you for your application +1 for me Good luck !
  8. Life is a Bitch

    @MakeMeLucky sorry for this mistake. Indeed Twin shouldnt have ban you for that. You of course can knife items as a zombie to avoid humans to win. Thank you for your message and your understanting. BTW your ban has been removed so you have a clean records without ban ! Have a good day ! Topic closed
  9. Life is a Bitch

    Hello Samwise, Your application has been denied for the reason me and Rocklee told you few days before. Topic closed
  10. Life is a Bitch

    Hello Samwise, Thank you for your application. You have been already admin on Nide but you did not do a lot, also your english is not enough good. That's why this will be a -1 for me. Good luck !
  11. Life is a Bitch

    Creepy, half of your report is about Akadir and not the situation. We were many admins online. You knifed a zombie, he almost kill everyone and make the round fail. Yes it didnt, but as it is an event the rules are more strict so the ban is deserved. So the only compensation you might have is to wait a bit to come back. Oh and other compensation, for your own good : I will close the thread so it doesnt turn into something pathetic once again.
  12. Life is a Bitch

    I think there is one kid in this talk but if you wanna talk about that I will let you alone in that chat. Toxic player ? Yes you are as you have a good record of bans and for different reasons (hack / knife many times / ...) The bans were made by different admins. But regarding the knife rules it is ok as it was increased in the time by others admins. So we work according to the rules. I arrived after you been banned few days ago for ban : 4 days... So next level as you made it is 1 week. Next time wont be perma, except if you choose to come and hack as you did before with aimbot.
  13. Life is a Bitch

    I will take each of your statements and explain to you once again : No I won't but regarding people who affect the gameplay of others, as admins we clearly manage to avoid toxic players on the server. But I will not ban you every time I will get a chance, except you gave me or others admins a good reason to ban you. Which is what you did as you were banned for knifing and you recognized it once again. You admitted that you knifed zombies, so if you want to report a ban you can use this template. But N4po ban was justified as : you said that you knifed. So I do not
  14. Life is a Bitch

    Hello Mr Christopher, There is no mistake. Thank you for being honest at least on the ban N4po gave you (it is nice to see some people admitting doing their mistakes). But as you have a good record of older ban, for the same reason : knifing Zombies. I just increase the time of the ban from 30 min to one week. Just to help you remember, this month you had been already banned 4 days for same reason, and last year for aimbot and some others knifing ... So the time is justified, next time think before knifing as you already did a lot : so the situation is clear next knife from you y
  15. Life is a Bitch

    +1 for the effort on the video -1 for not following the template +1 if you accept me in the fan club -1 you barely cares of others (we could talk about how many times you got covid), oui oui le vilain daddy qui va en salle de sport tout contaminé = took me 9 hours to prepare the result :
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