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  1. Life is a Bitch

    Wicked can you connect 2 synaps at least for once? Putting effort is not about being good or bad. It means put implication and motivation. But as you only care about your personal care and call most of the players retard I think I am done arguing or trying to argue with you. Keep insulting players as retard or anything else shows a lot of motivation
  2. Life is a Bitch

    -1 : icey said everything
  3. Life is a Bitch

    - 1 : imagine considering the application as a sh*tty thing and not putting effort inside. This show a state of mind which is really bad And being a good player wont make a good admin
  4. Life is a Bitch

    Imagine rewar on the 2nd and 3rd 2 level and only one winner Rin is Paradox Elite single squad Good map Lardy btw !
  5. Life is a Bitch

    if this is to have more russian on mic this is -1 Otherwise +1 if we can avoid the Nide4all sessions
  6. Life is a Bitch

  7. Life is a Bitch

    Same I agree with what Demon and Rockless said earlier +1
  8. Life is a Bitch

    Good Luck Creepy. So much popcorn eaten with yours applications that a diet could be good +1 rename yourself Shadowcreepy
  9. Life is a Bitch

    Neutral +++
  10. Life is a Bitch

    +1 Well written application and took time to explain a lot of things Only thing that could not be in your favor is the global time spent on nide. But you said you are quite new 20h30 of playing so far
  11. Life is a Bitch

    Wont argue with you.... but you checked the demo right ? I muted lot of people + I ebanned also players so stop saying i dont do anything about it. And yes I m gone, I will let it slip when it will be mako... Be sure I won't be here to manage that cancer time again
  12. Life is a Bitch

    Time for ESK to accept Alcolo then Alcolo Oasis : f*ck this Alcolo Oasis : i go troll on nide BTW that mako session was cancer : spamming / muting / spamming / chet spamming also a lot / ebanning my little baguettes Dont check the demo or you ll get cancer
  13. Life is a Bitch

    @ShadowCreepy I am far over the eban stuff or anything related to me or any other thing made in the past. You acted mad and still you were a trial in the past... I never got it how people can be like that and act the opposite way (when they are admin and when they are not anymore). Applying as admin means : you want to involve yourself in the community, you want to be an example and show the example. And the good of server is before your personal need and for that should shows respect last point : you re on mako v5, someone troll, this is extreme 2, you would !spec Troller ? tell me the truth ...
  14. Life is a Bitch

    -1 Need mature attitude, not a ff fag. And not someone who can cry, just as example "Creepy : before you eban someone watch f*cking demo instead ebanning" Or before an event asking to extend a ff map just for his personal care I could say +1 if I saw a change in the attitude but this is not what I have seen so far.
  15. Life is a Bitch

    +1 But I would say : being a good leader doesnt mean being a good admin An admin is more like a referee / arbitrator . As you talked about the leader aspect then talked about Pivo ....