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Locked [s][h][a][d][o][w] always kick for name


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6. 2020-01-07 12:12:17

7. hello, admin shadow always randomly kick me. every 3 days, somthing like this for no reason. he just say in kick chang your name. tere no rule about name. stop kick me. now he again no only kick, he mute to. AND I DONT EVEN HAVE MIC. for 1440 mintes. please say to him stop or show rule about name. i cant find rule name. i see players with name like adolf hitler. yes adolf hitler. also jesus. also alot more. plz tell all admins about this abuse and let him know to stop doing it. or show rule about name and ban and kick for use of name like this for all not only me. tank you.

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Hello, thank you for report.

This is not first report on this admin for abusing, what happened to you is considered absurd, because your nick not racist or insult.

And yes, you not use mic and it was abuse mute, wrong mute deleted.

Admin demoted.

Topic closed.


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