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    Ok, enough. Let's start off with sh*ttalking in other servers: I know you want discuss with all players about that admin on this server, but you thought about UNLOZE, GFL and NiDE has common players, all informition what you talk on servers saved in demos or chat logs and before sh*ttalk about admins think about it. If you have problems with admin on server, you can talk in PM with high admins they can decide and discuss with you about all or try solve this problem each other. Mutes and gags in other servers: I asked other admins other servers, i see you have good mute/gag history. sh*ttalk about admin when admin offline: Don't you think it's meanness, as i said don't misinform players, i know no one admin are perfect, but about sh*ttalk you should have limit. About rename: Admin shouldn't rename players in insult names, he show disrespect and toxicity, admin will warned. Admin change your mute/gag from 5 days (because to much) to 3 days Conclude: If you have problems with admin on server, do not be afraid write about it to high admins, make report in "Admin Abuse" or try solve this problem each other, but no need trashtalk with other players on other servers about that admin, you are misinform players mute/gag fair and was changed from 5 days to 3 days. Have good day.
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    Ban changed to 2 months. Restricted from posting for 2 weeks. Closed.
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    General exploits of maps and items (such as edging on purpose or using glitch spots that give you an unfair advantage) will result in a slay, kick or ban up to 30 min. As i see you know about werewolf hitbox bug and purpose use it and i see you purpose die for pick up werewolf. Glitching: Use of map glitches are not allowed - violations may be punished with a kick or a ban [30 mins-120 mins], depending of the severity (team-kill for example).
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    Hello, thank you for report. After watch demo i nothing see wrong from you (Aimbot, Bhop hack, Antirecoil etc.) You can say "Thanks" to GaGaGa for misinformation and Maus for not watching the demo and ban you without reason and proofs. Unbanned, topic closed.
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    Topic doesn't match the template. Closed.