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  1. Killik

    Read carefully this post and follow this order.
  2. Killik

    Congratulations, you accepted as Trial Admin on ZE.
  3. Killik

    +1 Good Łuck
  4. Killik

    Answer on 7 question copied from other application. Answer on 4 question copied from other application. Bad English. -1
  5. Killik

    Hello and thanks for report. Admin demoted at own request, topic now doesn't make sense. Closed.
  6. Killik

    Good application. +1 Good luck
  7. Hello and thanks for report. Hamo, players vote for ze_shroomforest_v4_5, i know you try extend map for complete this map. But if your first extend vote failed next time don't try make second etc extend votes, players won't play this map no need force them play it. You should read rule about extend votes or next time serious action will be taken. Topic closed.
  8. Killik

    Hello, thank you for report. This is not first report on this admin for abusing, what happened to you is considered absurd, because your nick not racist or insult. And yes, you not use mic and it was abuse mute, wrong mute deleted. Admin demoted. Topic closed.