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Ze_Football removal.


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Hello guys,

I am writing this topic about removing "ze"_football from the Zombie Escape server. 


1- The map has ZERO zombie escape on it

2-Most people do NOT like it

3-Players who expect to play zombie escape and join to find a minigame map leaves or have to wait the whole boring session

4-Not a single bullet is used for defending, same point as it is NOT zombie escape


If you wanna play that map you can join a minigame server.

Hopefully this subject will be look into to remove the absolute minigame map from a zombie escape server.


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All the good zombie escape maps are time restricted. 

why is there time restrictions anyway? if it is a zombie escape map then why not let the players who will VOTE FOR IT play it?

yet a minigame map is allowed to play just because few admins want it

the maps time restrictions should be removed and there should be a vote for it by ALL players. We dont care if an admin wants it or not. we play zombie escape together not by few hands choices.

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I agree with this idea, ze_football map is not true zombie escape but an "mg-minigame" map, it only has "ze" in it thats all, also i suggest removing this map same with "ze_eerie_escape", since its ZM map not ze, i dont see humans escaping but only camping then dodging lasers/balls copies from other maps.

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