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Locked Midknight abusing for no reason


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1: Seal
2: STEAM_0:0:70400989
3: Midknight
4: ZE Nide
5: Stillshrine
6: 17:40 01/12/2023
7: he ban me for a map bug without any warning, i didnt even knew you would get ban and i wasnt the only one that buged the map.
8: check the demo


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Hello Seal

I reviewed the demo and its pretty obvious you had clear intentions to glitch the map in a spot, where you wont get tp'd to the intentional place after boss dies, its clear and it shows in the demo too where you rush to the spot, not even trying to persuade to the humans, even saving ur item and going to the spot and camping there until others got tp'd and killing a bunch of humans resulting in a loss for CT, there was clear intention to grief the round. you should know better than this.

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Update: Following deliberation with fellow LSAs, the ban has been reduced to 1 hour. Although this behaviour is punishable, a 1 week ban for this alone is still quite a severe punishment by itself.

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