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Locked nothai application


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  • Server Admin
  • Ingame Nickname: nothai
  • Discord username: nothai
  • Age: 17
  • SteamID: STEAM_0:0:425791234
  • What server are you applying for (ZR or ZE server?): Ze
  • Optional: (Feel free to answer one or more questions)


Why are you interested in applying for admin?


I've always been interested in becoming an admin on Nide ever since I joined but because I was 13/14 I couldn't apply since the minimal age was 16+ at that time, so I was waiting it out for when I was 16, but slowly over the years I realised the importance of an admin in a ze server and the responsibility you take whenever becoming one and I feel like I have the maturity and knowledge it takes to have that role. Another reason why is that the first impression of the server that a new player experiences is really valuable and I feel like if Younger Nothai first joined Nide 4 years ago and seen people trolling it would have made him leave and I wouldn't have found this community. So I feel my goal is to make new players' experience fun, just like what the previous admins did for me 4 years ago.


What time zone are you active in (NA or EU hours)?


My timezone fits better for NA times, and I do play on NA hours from time to time, but a majority of the time I will be playing during EU hours.


How long have you been playing on the server that you applied for?


Around 4 years now, first started to play on Nide with Nosteam, then changed to steam css late 2020. I've changed quite a lot from the first time played, some will say for better or worse, but I feel like there is a negative stigma towards me from previous things like bans, toxicity and immaturity I had when I was younger, I hope people see that I once was a player that never trolled and was a respected member of the community and I strive towards that path again. Of course, I don't expect everyone to just immediately believe what I have to say, but I am willing to prove it to you all.


How experienced are you in the game mode for which you applied?


I will say I am quite experienced with ZE,  I have good map knowledge since I used to play a lot of NA time maps, like shroom, atix, nemesis etc, And have gotten comfortable with more EU hour maps.


Thank you for reading my application, I do appreciate criticism on how I can approve as an player and reasons why you don't see me fit for an admin role. 

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Despite previous run-ins, you do look serious about joining the team. Time to see that chance pay off!


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