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Locked Report Boten


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1: My ingame name: Franques
2: My SteamID: we don't care
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: Boten
4: What server did it happen on: Nide ZE
5: Map: ze_a_e_s_t_h_e_t_i_c_v1_1s
6: Time and date: 24/01/2024
7: Explanation of the situation:

The players exploit a boss to win the round apparently (I didn't know it was allowed to exploit bug but apparently it is). 
The 'leader' (or zombie mode leader most of the time, anyway) name is mini (kid) dominates the chat. I only said one word, and I receive 'stfu' from him.

As I am not his dog, I have the right to move in a boss room (it's not stated in the rules), and I find myself slayed by Boten.

His argument is that: 'If we don't exploit the boss, then there's no win.' Is it my problem if the mapper doesn't know how to 'fix' his boss?

I find myself slayed due to what is called abuse.

8: Proof: 40 MB for proof with 4K screen (ntm rushaway c'est impossible) (https://mega.nz/file/xZV1AbTA#1BJLG_FYhepxH4jQdepGutPiEOycgwejfSpeEhIb_JA

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  • CS:S ZE Server Manager

Hey Franques,

The "exploit" you mention is not a bug from the mapper. The way the boss fight is set up, you can intentionally "kite" the boss (or bait the boss) and have it target just you, not your teammates. However, if another player gets close to the boss, which you did based on the video you sent, it can mess up the targeting and how the person is baiting the boss. It's a common strategy for only one person to bait the boss away while the rest of the team hugs the walls to shoot the boss.

I am not sure if mini, or any of the other leaders/admins explained how this boss works.

NOTE: I did not watch the video with audio, so I cannot hear the comms, nor have I reviewed the demo to see what happened prior.

I'll leave it to the other admins/LSAs to discuss this but I just wanted to explain how it works.

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Helloooo Koen,

Nowhere in the rules does it state that taking the boss's focus is punishable by a slay. 
Therefore, I have the right to move around in the room , It is not my play style to remain static. 

If you find the map too difficult, why not remove it? However, you have no right to dictate my gameplay.
At no point have I killed anyone, if the boss focuses on me because I'm moving, that's the purpose of the map being challenging.


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  • Server Admin


The round before i slayed you,  i bring you 4 times for try to not kill the round  and you ruined the round.

the next round i warning you to not do this again and you did the same on boss,(moreover you know the map and you know how to  trol this boss) i just slayed you before you ruined an other round.

Mini had not to say that to you , but yai lead this map is very hard and i can hunderstand  him, when someone speak over you when you lead a hard map , its unpleasent

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As I've already mentioned, you have no right to tell me to stay here. If I want to move, I'll move it's up to you to do your best to try to kill the boss, but my gameplay remains the same. 

If someone doesn't understand English and moove, you bring them, right? But if they don't understand, they'll keep moving (we agree on that), so are you going to slay them afterward? Tutorial on how to lose players.

As for the little Mini, I just said a word (you know very well) and got a full of "stfu." 
I'm not his friend, if he's not happy I think there's a plugin to mute, but I certainly don't have to listen to him.

Au plaisir.

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Further review of the demo and earlier comments from Boten make me believe that you've done this previously and continued to do so despite admins warning you multiple times. Therefore, I believe you have been intentionally trying to fail the rounds for the other players, justifying the admin's punishment to slay you that round.

You don't have to listen to the leader, but if you keep doing so in ways that essentially cost the team that round then admins have the right to punish the way they seem fit. You can always ask what's wrong if you don't understand someone, but don't leave it to the point where you get punished for not doing so and fight back as a result.


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