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CS:S ZE and ZR connection issues should now be fixed ×

Idk why my topic is closed, is not end.


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So on the map we are forced to act like dogs and stand in a corner to ‘win’.
In the rules, not standing in a corner is not punishable by murder, that's why I always call it abuse. 
And if you tell me: "yes, but when you move, you have focus", shut up, I understand, but that's how the map is designed. 
I'm not exploiting any bugs or "trolling" because this is just your strategy to win, but there can be thousands of other strategies.

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

If your whole team in league is winning lane and doing good, and you are feeding jungle and get outsmited in drag pit, your team would be mad at you right? Now imagine if your mid is hard carrying (the guy baiting the boss) and he is 1v5, then all of a sudden you join the fight and the mid has to blow his sums to save you. You aren't trolling since you are just playing the game, you know? However, you inadvertently will cost your team the game since your mid has a high chance of dying due to no sums (the boss targeting you and ruining the flow of the fight).

Hopefully this makes sense 🤓

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  • Server Admin

I'd just listen to the leader to be honest. You didn't break any rules but you sure needed correction to follow the flow of gameplay.

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