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Locked kayn abusing ban (it wasn't me)

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1: My ingame name: nbvcncvnx
2: My SteamID:
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: dp/kayn
4: What server did it happen on: ze
5: Map: aesthetic
6: Time and date: today 15h35
7: Explanation of the situation: This noob admin abusing  ban on me, even though it's not me who has early trig. it's incredible to directly take a 24 hour ban from the server when the admin didn't even bother to check.

He has been an admin for not even 1 week and he is already abusing a lot with very long ban and eban durations for players on Santa, and a lot of abuse mute yesterday. and now, this !

From now on for this enormous injustice I am not going to let go of you kayn I am going to report the slightest of your abuse because it is far too much.


8: Proof: as you can see on the screen (it's my own record) it's absolutely NOT ME who early trigg. I just followed the person because he already had trig early trig anyway, but i REPEAT IT WAS NOT ME.

I still give you the link to the video which proves https://medal.tv/fr/games/cs-source/clips/1RJvhrhkDE4hGV/612BF2QrKCu1?invite=cr-MSwyTDEsMTkxNjc2OTgwLA?mobilebypass=true


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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin
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Your ban been removed. I do believe that if +- was not going for an early trigger you would have done it ... Even if you told me not. 
But you have the benefit of the doubt. 
You can play for now.
+- been banned 1 hour for early triggering on purpose.
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