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Locked Kayn abusing ban, again...

Witch Hunter

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1: My ingame name: Bourre moi l'trou zywoo
2: My SteamID:
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: kayn
4: What server did it happen on: ze
5: Map: deadcore
6: Time and date: today
7: Explanation of the situation: I absolutely don't understand why I'm taking a 24 hour ban. He apparently banned me for inflate? WTFFF. This is the first time I've played Deadcore, I don't f*cking know the map, the map is very hard with a lot of way, I've often gotten lost and died several times from zombies, so apparently, on nide, when we die from zombies we are not allowed to play zombie and try to kill ct after ?
So this is the ze you want for 2024  on nide ? well...nice...

I specify that, when he arrived on the server, there was already 0-4. when he arrived he played directly, so can he explain how was he able to check the ""inflate""???

"Kayn: now watch how he is going to cry on the forums again, like he usually do". Last time u banned me 24hrs for early trig without even bothering to check because it wasn't me, fkg retard abuser. You deserve the report so stop crying.

8: Proof: deadcore demo

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"I absolutely don't understand why I'm taking a 24 hour ban. He apparently banned me for inflate? WTFFF."

I thought the French were smart, I guess not...

After reviewing the demo it is clear to me that you had no intention of playing the map normally as you knifed zombies every round, died, and then proceeded to play as the zombie. This is textbook inflation. Your ban has also been increased to 3 days, maybe you will learn to stop trolling. If you have any questions on our rules still, look up inflation rule 34 and read/look at it.

Have a nice day.

Caught in 4K:


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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Quick update since the other report was made for the valentine day and i clearly quoted this : 
"Unless you want to help server and I suggest you to make a serious admin application, trolling is not allowed and actually people who will keep making report on situation where they have been punished for trolling, I will personnally increase the punishement next time."
Updated personnaly the ban to 1 week (yes its big abuse, yes this is blablabla).
Enjoy the week

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