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Locked sensitive dane

mini bodyguard

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1: My ingame name: christo
2: My SteamID: idfc
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: hobbitten
4: What server did it happen on: ze
5: Map: idk some gay ice map
6: Time and date: the other day
7: Explanation of the situation: Retard dane mutes me for a week for casual shit talk that everyone does then feels the need to extend it later to 2 weeks AFTER i was already muted. Don't need to go through the effort of filling a report on abuse by a sensitive retard catboy whose identity revolves around validation through the internet. No one leading the map. Let me specify, no one COMPETENT to lead the map. Parta has no idea how to play f*cking anything he's perma braindead so idk why you thought that was a good reason to mute, bro was just blabbering with a low mic no one could hear he wasnt even leading LOOOOOOOL. and the extension for no reason LMAO. Let's not forget he meant to type "1440" then ended up typing "14400" because, again, retard dane. Then extended it to 2 weeks. All while other clueless admins are sitting there drooling like special ed students. All good though. I understand that words on the internet hurt you hobbitten just like every other soft human being that doesn't belong on there to begin with. You spend over 150 hours every 2 weeks on games. Go outside. 
8: Proof: look through the f*ckin demo.

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  • Developer

I don't know what you're hoping for by being so disrespectful in this forum thread.
But christo, between you and me, by playing 'stupid' , trolling and insulting players, you hope that the sanctions that will be applied to you will be the same as for a player with no history?

I will review full demo with others Staff. 

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  • CS:S ZE Server Manager

Hello Christo,

You are in the wrong way at my opinion, Perhaps i stopped criticising since long time ago because I’m not perfect and full of contradictions so I will just leave a neutral comment here.

Being smarter or/and really skilled (because you are) doesn’t mean that you can criticise the players that are less skilled or smart less than you.

instead, it give you the opportunity to improve everyone’s skill, being a leader, and since you are playing from times to times and made the « GodGaymer clan » that is a clan with really good players, that’s mean that you perfectly able to understand and to see who are the good and bad players.

even is Parta is not the best, he is trying his best to lead the team, taking items to learn, playing all maps etc…

About Hobbitten he spend a lot of time for Nide, making models, maps, being a leader, handling the admins team etc.. there are only few people that can judge him because only few people has been root on Nide and understand how hard it can be to be Manager in a community without to be rewarded for that.

Being smart and skilled will be always harder to handle than to be dumb and unskilled, whatever you do, take it as your advantage, the good question to ask is then « who am i and what am I doing? »


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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Putting aside the lack of effort you put into this appeal, I've watched the demo and I was not impressed by your actions.

Parta was trying to lead frozentemple, and you were talking over him most of the time. He was putting effort in by attempting to lead the map for everyone, and you were shittalking him on mic for everybody to hear. I'd also want to point out that I didn't see "causual shit talking", but rather the kind that was directly targetting an individual. You should know this is considered to be harrassment and isn't tolerated.

The mute was justified on all ends as a result, and will not be removed.


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