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  1. Well, my point of view about that is pretty simple: i always try to see things throught a positive way an i see that everyone here (admins, retired, players et...) want to take care of NiDE and it's a good thing, especially when i see how many people replied on this topic and how the server is well populated at the moment plus a good diversity about what maps are played, even if it could be better of course BUT: 1/ spitting on Admins because you notice that they doesn't do their job won't change anything, if someone personnally com to tell to me "Lardy you f*cking grandpa admin, do something ni**er" i wouldn't do anything xD even if it's needed because no one here is a dog 2/ some players (and retired now) here are more experienced than "news admins" about maps, how the community is working etc.. so the first thing when you see something wrong with an admin is to try to teach him and then, if the admin seems "useless" should be reported to higher. 3/about LSA, this job is the hardest job i did (i don't know tech admin job) and dealing with people is never easy, some people take time to learn some other learn fast etc...the application and the motivation of the admin to take care of the server is more important than to be "able" to do the "good ban at the good moment" even if yes, after a certain moment, you can see if the trial will be good or not. LSA is also a responsibility and then if the LSA is not active in game, doesn't try to teach news admins about guidlines, admins comands etc... this admins shouldn't stay LSA it's also why i stopped to be part of the management because i didn't had time to do it, i personnally took time to go on test server to teach news admins when i was LSA because it was needed, if i remember it was with Plex, WB and some other that asked me in private toi help them. the thing to understand when you are LSA is that you comfort the admins team in your arms, you must take care of them, some people are even scared to slay when it's 1 ct vs 59 zombies and its the job as LSA to make them become confortable with this job. have a nice day guys.
  2. Hi guys, interesting subject, can i say something about that ? i com in peace promise.
  3. « Reversed » nemesis maps in normal mod and normal maps in nemesis mod. ze_shaurma_v3_b7: nemesis mod ze_haunted_lab_escape_v2: nemesis mod (smoke enable) ze_trainescape_final: normal mod plus high speed zm (1,2 should be good) ze_black_mesa_escape_final: normal mod plus high speed zm (1,2 too)
  4. 1: Your own ingame name: Lardy2: Your own steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:243054243: Name of the admin(s) involved: Cloud4: What server did it happen on: Zombies escape.5: What map: ze_FFVII_Cosmo_Canyon_v5fix6: Time and date: 29-04.20217: Explain the situation. We was playing this map and the score was bad (3/10 at the end if i’m right.) even if players was motivated to beat the map. Cloud did a first extend for 10 mins that got accepted by players and a second force extend for 1 min just at the end of the supposed last round. I didn’t want to report Cloud for the first extend but his general behavior as admin make me feel that some higher should keep an eye at how he is doing his job as admin and even more his application for the server. As i know, admins doesn’t have the right anymore to extend ff maps even if the score is good and even if the map is not beaten. Killik also, if i understood, removed time restrictions on ff maps, don’t show to him that he was wrong to let players enjoy theses maps when they wants because i don’t think that inGame would agree with that kind of decisions if he knows what his team are doing with theirs powers.8: Proof: Demo. Have a Nice day.
  5. Lardy

    NerO' Gallery

    Good job Nero!!
  6. Wicked, It wasn’t necessary to share it in public since it was an administrative case. It’s not the good place to talk about that and since you left discord, (where you still had your access in administrative area) i guess that, for the moment, you don’t want to solve it through a positive way. so, my last word is, im still open to talk, so, you are welcome to com to talk in my private chat on discord to solve it, only you and me, when you will be ready to solve it through a positive way, don’t com to bring some insults or bad words, i won’t respond in that case. You misunderstood the decision that i made yesterday and it was not against you personally, I don’t hate you and if you want my opinion (as i already shared) you still one of the most active/good player/admin on NiDE even after what you did right now. this decision was made to let you take a break (as admin) because, every time, you handle hard/ff maps that are knows to bring toxic players and toxic behaviors so this decision was made to let you enjoy these maps without responsibilities for few time because what you said yesterday about me and the whole admin team wasn’t acceptable. Let’s be clear right now, your access on the forum is restricted for 1 week because it’s not acceptable to act like this here and you know that. you also talked in chat today about this case and i would thank you to stop it or i would be forced to think about more severe mesures. take the time to think about that, i will also do the same. have a nice day. this topic is closed.
  7. Dear Malala, As always, you seems convinced yourself that you are acting in the right way to report every admins without even to look at you in the mirror and it’s really starting to be annoying, even if, I’m pretty sure, you don’t even know what you are doing right now and why...according to the fact that you also trolled many times earlier and theses reports from you are just became pure jokes. about Creepy and Deni, it was more a mistake than an abuse and the big difference between theses two things is that the first one is not made on purpose And when you decide to take responsibilities, you make mistakes. but, as i learnt from you just now, you will never be able to make the difference. have a nice day. forget to say, as i told you in the previous report: if post another non sens report, your access to post on the forum would be restricted. its now the case for 1 week. this report is closed.
  8. Interesting report William and smart as always. What about him recently ? Simple, Creepy is one of the most active on Nide and UNLOZE so as active and as knows player he did mistakes, especially because he is leader in game. The problem with Creepy is he doesn’t knows to shut up and always open his mouth in events even if he is not Involved. but the fact is, even if I agree that was sometimes selfish, did his best as player and not as troller. Maybe my memory is wrong and you guys knows that I’m an old papy xD but if I’m right: - he never knifed. - he never trolled on purpose. - he never cheated. - he never spammed sounds in mic.
  9. I actually read what you guys wrote about his application and i’m surprised to be honest about the current mentality on this game and especially on this mod because what’s happening here is not the first time that’s happening. It’s apparently more interestIng to take fun about his application than to take fun to play and some « members » who replied here are not even active in game. It’s not because he has been denied many times that it’s mean that he shouldn’t try to be admin again and you guys should take his courage and his determination as example. The first thing that i learnt when i became admin is that you must be courageous to apply to help this community because it’s not easy everyday so i will always support and help someone who want to help us, according to the fact that the player is able to be admin and i assume that he could be a good admin now. Even if Creepy is not the perfect the « teammate », even if he enjoys « solo maps », even if creepy has some defaults that’s make us laughing i will support him in his application. have a nice day. +1
  10. Well, as LSA and as admin in general the most important thing to do is to stay impartial toward players and not including personal feelings in your actions, especially when you are LSA because you have big power And you are also responsible of the admins team, including to show them the good example. it’s not really the case when i see that he banned deux for “disrespect”, i allowed admins to give a longer mute/gag durations but no ban for that. He also didn’t reply on the last report. The minimum when you are reported is to reply first on the forum and let another high up close the topic. @LmntriX Stay calm and apply the appropriate punishments. We have a special power for each troll and then, ban a player who spammed or disrespected an admin doesn’t make sens at my opinion Since i allowed you to gag/mute for 1 week even after only 1 bad word. We are admins, we have rules and rules give us credibility so we must follow that. @deux Admins are players and humans after all and all the admins in the team chosen to apply and to work as admin for the same goal: NiDE. No one forced them, and it’s the most important thing to understand. So, when, as player, you join the server to knife zm, spam sounds, disrespect admins or whatever, try to understand that you just troll the community and players that chosen to be admins for Nide to have a better community/server/experience in game. so don’t expect from them some mercy when you have 178 mutes/gag in your collection. have a nice day.
  11. Well, After Reading everything that has been written here i would like to give an advice @ShadowCreepy. You written a good application and i assume that since you want to be admin again, it’s mean that you accept to be judged and then, learned from your mistake(s). so, there is nothing to say anymore here. Let players and admins tell you what they think about your application and stop to justify anything. it’s courageous to apply many times to be admin and the only thing that want to remember is that you want to help this community.
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