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Locked perma silence + 1 month eban + 不不不不


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1: My ingame name:nannaanananananananana
2: My SteamID:

steamID STEAM_0:1:167167073
steamID3 [U:1:334334147]
steamID64 76561198294599875

3: Name of the admin involved: Strikker + kayn
4: What server did it happen on: ze
5: Map: ze sonaki mountain
6: Time and date: 1900~ dst 19/03/24
7: Explanation of the situation: I cant give explanation because I dont even know what happened. I used earth during boss to try stuck so people. and then laser come and killed 3 people who werent stuck in my earth. Striker ebans me for 10 hours, I ask him why, no responce. Kayn then removes my eban, i take warp, then kill him (not sure if relevant). mid way thru the round strikker kicks me with reason as "karen." I call him retarded for it, then turns out im ebanned for 1 month . I call strikker a retard after he dies with wind despite people telling him there was zm tp and i get perma silenced. -_- . Not sure what i can do here as strikker has had a vendetta against me for no reason and must be trying to reach his eban quota.

No one died to my earth. and one month? I really didnt expect this after people have gotten significantly shorter bans for much severe actions.
8: Proof: Sonaki mountain demos 1 and 2 19/03/24

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  • Event Manager

Your silence has been lifted, since i didn't apply the 1 month eban i won't touch that.
If you don't want this punishments to happen maybe it's time to reflect a bit and change your attitude.

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Hi Maso

Thanks for making a report. It looks like Striiker lifted the silence himself. The Eban however will remain and will NOTbe lifted. The reasons behind this are due to your history with trolling + previous punishment in the past, which has been stacked up now to a 1 month eban. I would also like to note that hiding behind alt to execute trolls is not something that i would recommend. Enjoy your stay on NiDe.

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