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Locked zloy zombie revival all days f*ck playes

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[Source Mod] zloy: * Tartaruga Genial  foi chacinado.

zloy use commands admin incorrect slay players abuse todays  ,  

map of containers I stand under them and he do slay 


In the last few days, this pile of shit is a shit player and even says it in chat and says it in the forum, it's a big pile of shit

*SPEC* [console] zloy : can calladmin

Server Admin zloy [STEAM_0:1:774214587] connected from Russia 力乞尸尺乞丂丂巨力

[console] zloy : go in forum

*SPEC* [console] zloy : idiot?

*SPEC* [console] zloy : xD

spect  idiot  status   chat    Server Admin zloy [STEAM_0:1:774214587]

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  • CS:S ZR Lead Server Admin

hello Tartaruga Genial,

I have seen the demo and i think you should rather avoid those incidents cuz they aren't fine for the game and other players, cuz by blocking yourself (purposely)
, zombies had no chance to get you which breaks the gameplay and fun, so @ _zloy_  as the ZR server admin did the right thing, just to avoid wasting the time and taking you out from there by "slay".
= report rejected.

Also please use next time the template when you're writing your report, if you do not follow this template your report may be ignored.

Best Regards ZR LSA.


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