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Locked Striiker intentionnaly trolling with ultima, kayn didn't shoot during laser

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1: My ingame name:_95
2: My SteamID:STEAM_0:0:18626487
3: Name of the player(s) involved:Striiker and Kayn
4: SteamID of the player(s) involved: Striker: STEAM_0:0:193337151, Kayn: STEAM_0:1:33241040
5: What server did it happen on: ZE
6: Map: ze_tyranny2_v1fix
7: Time and date: 05/04/2024, 20:52
8: Explanation of the situation: striikker  intentionally used a holy for trolling on a zombie TP, directly destroying the round.

Kayn not shooting during laser. He is always slaying the humans that don't shoot during the lasers (especially on tyranny and tyranny2), while he himself allows himself not to shoot. Can you explain the logic to me? Or admins are above the rules they enforce?

9: Proof: striiker  https://medal.tv/fr/games/cs-source/clips/25w8A3TzP-fI9U/d13371G8icJ8?invite=cr-MSxPZ2gsMTkxNjc2OTgwLA

kayn https://medal.tv/fr/games/cs-source/clips/25wccok3eUX36M/d1337koowMYy?invite=cr-MSxrOXIsMTkxNjc2OTgwLA




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Edited to provide exact time and date, proper mapname, and STEAMIDs for players involved
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Hi Saber

Striker was not ebanned cause he didnt troll. He didnt know the item would kill all the zombies, since he thought there was a protection to save the last zombie. We dont eban for honest mistakes, since nobody is perfect and everyone can make them. Instead we learn from them, which is also what striker did in this scenario.

In regards to the no shooting. I'm not sure if you saw, but i told no shooting was allowed this time, so i dont really see where you want to go with this witch hunt of admins on NiDe

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  • Event Manager

Hello Saber, thank you for the report.

Like Kayn said, i didn't knew that the map didn't had that system. But rest assured it won't happen again since that "error" has been reported and one of the developers will add the system that was refered above to avoid this type of mistakes.

To explain my pov, i wanted to kill all zombie items with the thougth that 1 zombie would survive if that system existed. Since that didn't happened all zombies died and the round was over.

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Kayn said "no shooting" and didn't shoot because in this situation with few admins, he wouldn't have been able to control the situation and would've received complaints asking why he slayed a random person but not someone else etc. He was trying to be nice and not slay anyone.

Striker thought the map had a failsafe system in some of our maps where in the event of an item knocking out the entire zombie team, a random zombie gets TPed to safe spot and is then returned to the zombie spawn with everyone respawning afterwards, preventing the team from being killed entirely and causing a false win. He has admitted he was unaware that the system wasn't in place initally and has reported this so that it can be added in by our developers via stripper.

Finally, please stop trying to target us when we do a single bad thing. I closed one of your previous reports for lack for information and you instantly made a callout post that didn't even follow the report format. We're all here to help each other, that's all.

In short, Kayn was trying to be nice and Striker was unaware of the ultima failsafe not being implemented. Please don't blame our admins for this as we're only human after all.


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