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Locked 1 Week kban for an accident.

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1: My ingame name: Ransmi
2: My SteamIDSTEAM_1:0:36558212
3: Name of the admin involved: RubyRose
4: What server did it happen on: Zombie Escape
5: Map: ze_deadcore_s7
6: Time and date: 2024-05-06    20:35:04
7: Explanation of the situation: I had fallen several times in deadcore and was back at spawn. I was just going to knife a zombie for the hell of it because the team was already too far up for it to really matter but it was timed unfortunately and about half way through my knife animation there was a ztele and I accidentally boosted a zombie forward causing 1 Human to die. I'm appealing because of the ridiculous length of the kban. 7.5 days for this? I can understand a day long kban but an entire week seems excessive.
8: Proof: I uploaded my perspective so you can better understand that it was an accident. I've also attached the demo file, it starts at around 3:30.auto-20240506-203005-ze_deadcore_s7.dem


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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Hello Ransmi,
Thank you for your report + providing the video. 
It was honest from you but I am also feeling that lately you feel that you can do what you want on server.
You had different kbans, and the time of this one won't change so you have the time to think to less knife. I know you did that from time to time, and yes there is the kbans here but also some are not listed where you should have been kbanned.

Yesterday you were nomlocking map too.
So the kban stay for 1 week.
Thank you for your understanding and next time it  will be more than 1 week.
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  • Homiekiss 1
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