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Locked Admin Application

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  • Ingame Nickname: Creed
  • Discord username: alonso_g_
  • Age: 18
  • SteamID: STEAM_0:0:7782479
  • What server are you applying for (ZR or ZE server?): ZR

Optional: (Feel free to answer one or more questions)

Why are you interested in applying for admin?

→ i like the sv so much and i like the vip benefits and also i want to help to grow the sv and help to protect it and players . and make them follow the rules ....

What time zone are you active in (NA or EU hours)?

→ eu → 11am - 19pm 

How long have you been playing on the server which you applied for?

→ more then a year

How experienced are you in the gamemode for which you applied?

→ i played this gamemode for more then a year

Do you have any past admin experience?

→ no but i know the rules of admin players ......

Do you have any other skills like (Mapping, Plugins, Drawing, Video editing etc)

→ video editing and im also a youtuber with 105 channel subs


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  • CS:S ZR Lead Server Admin

Hello @ Creed

After consideration your application I have to say It's Denied.
For reasons like, cheating on the sever, no expirence on the server also nobody even knows you.

ZR LSA Team.

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