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  1. aF! mohamed.

    Good Application, and you are good active player on the server, also, i like your answer in question '7' +1 to you, it's right you have not been admin, but i will help you if you are , Thanks for apply
  2. aF! mohamed.

    You are right, i haven't met a server like Nide servers, nide is different nide really give me helpful to complete playing css, thanks ingame about your servers, and thanks to ire for developing ZR thanks so much. The server was having problems and we called the server the retired But, the server was getting better in the first 1 month and the second, me and ire tried to find ways to fix these problems, we fixed 1 problem (Game commencing) then ire fixed the another problem (Crash, it crashed everytime, but now its ok the server is crashing until now but not always) After the server has been fixed from all problems, inGame decided to add more bots that will help the server and stay it alive, thanks to ingame for that a lot, Thanks Thanks, to ire too, to all players who supported nide and who played NiDE, Love you all
  3. aF! mohamed.

    3 maps have already added, another 2 maps not worth adding.
  4. aF! mohamed.

    Thanks for apply Your application is good, but the answer in question 7 is not fit, it would be bad answer, how if someone uses aimbot you will kick him first???? You were not good admin, you were having 1 problem, is abusing teleport commands, +1 for the application and -1 for abusing, =0
  5. aF! mohamed.

    Applications not using the real template, will be ignored i know you were 'Donated Admin' an old nide and the first 2 months from new nide, but you were abusing your admin command by using teleport commands and killing others Bad activity on the server, and not that much active player, i have known you for 8 months on the server and you were not good admin bad Application So -1
  6. aF! mohamed.

    @Bolol its niiarks who won
  7. aF! mohamed.

    should i post here ?
  8. aF! mohamed.

    i'm not with you, you can't decide if the players are using bhop cheat or no, the admins may use a command for knowing if he is Bhopper or not, it might the player has good jump in MWHEELDOWN, that's why you thought he is using bhop.
  9. aF! mohamed.

    i haven't read the application But -1 , i'm going with Anwar and Killik and Hope
  10. aF! mohamed.

    I have a css on my steam account, i just typed my funny momeroy nothing else.@William! :D
  11. aF! mohamed.

    My funny memory on NiDE in ZR. when i kicked all bots on the server then Pivo coming to the server and he banned me with Reason , Retard , Nice Reason hahaha if you don't laugh i will kill u now, be seriously
  12. aF! mohamed.

    @William! :D Good job, you made a giveaway because css will take from your money 1$ hahahahahah
  13. aF! mohamed.

    1: Your own ingame name2: Your own steam-ID3: Name of the admin(s) involved4: What server did it happen on5: What map6: Time and date7: Explain the situation8: Proof 1- mohamed. 2- no need to that 3- Legenda 4-Zombie Revival 5- i can't say 1 map or 2 maps, but i can say some of these maps: zm_xelou_panic_v2 6- same , i can't say the time and date , because he was abusing for many times 7- Legenda: this admin was abusing with: kicking players without any reason, banning players without any reason, muting and gagging players without any reason, and turning himself and others to Zombies or humans, 8- check admin logs, when i needed from Killik to send me the log: legenda<14883><[U:1:1613981640]><> turned legenda<14883><[U:1:1613981640]><> into a zombie zm_xelou_panic_v2 - 11/25/2019 @ 08:46:22 legenda<14883><[U:1:1613981640]><> turned 0789<14884><[U:1:2730180880]><> into a zombie zm_xelou_panic_v2 - 11/25/2019 @ 08:46:25 Voting for next map has started. zm_xelou_panic_v2 - 11/25/2019 @ 08:46:47 legenda<14883><[U:1:1613981640]><> turned рик<15074><[U:1:2697634534]><> into a human zm_xelou_panic_v2 - 11/25/2019 @ 08:46:48 legenda<14883><[U:1:1613981640]><> turned рик<15074><[U:1:2697634534]><> into a zombie he banned 1 player for Aimbot, but i check the demo and he wasn't The End, and i need to remove this admin's admin access.
  14. aF! mohamed.

    Problem resolved Leads come and close. Since the player is currently online on the server.
  15. aF! mohamed.

    Hi there, i'm with you in this bug Not "problem". How to Fix: update your counter strike source. if it's not working, just reply here.