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  1. aF! mohamed.

    yea, we will miss him so much, BYE, See you after you back, dont forget us, and we will don't forget you never!
  2. aF! mohamed.

    Why Klixus you will left us for 1 month, why ?????, i will miss you!
  3. aF! mohamed.

    Bye, I love you so much man
  4. aF! mohamed.

    I'm sorry guys, it's was a prank, i like do it, who said i will left the servers, i just say it because today i try to didn't play CSS and see if i can live without nide or what, but i see NiDE is my life, Thanks NiDE, and sorry all it's was a prank , i will never left NiDE My Life, Thanksssssssssssssssss!
  5. aF! mohamed.

    Hello NiDE, i'm so sorry because i will left the servers and will not play anymore on CSS, i was have too many times get a fun in the server, and thanks fro this fun i was very happy with you nide , i hope you still be fine without problems, I hope you still the best, and still the hero to all servers in CSS< My love nide, i love you as i love my parents, because you give me a lot of fun and i'm so very sad because i will left and will not see you, Mohamed will be activate on discord and the web but without any spots and any chat, My best servers, my favorite Friends: and others Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! @i need some sleep... @Killik @LowParty @Nivinski @Batata @Doshik @ire @inGame@Klixus
  6. aF! mohamed.

    @inGame make developer group.
  7. aF! mohamed.

    @inGamemake a Administrator photo, we like to see it in your Profile, PRO
  8. aF! mohamed.

    I like it
  9. aF! mohamed.

  10. aF! mohamed.

  11. aF! mohamed.

    #general, or you can contact with the Managers in discord with private message
  12. aF! mohamed.

    this problem happens to some players but the players don't used VPN, so the problem will solved by the Managers in the server, FPTyel will help, if you can not contact with, you can contact with Klixus
  13. aF! mohamed.

    @POGGERS ask @FPTyel he will helps you about fix, you should send to him a screenshot and your ip then he will fixed, join the discord then called him ---->
  14. aF! mohamed.

    @Batatai choose first 4 maps, 8bit will be alone in one event!, ok. Will be fun event in 8bit
  15. aF! mohamed.

    Best hard maps, the players will not win or they will win for 40 minutes: 1- ze_666_crazy_escape 2- ze_dev_r4a 3-ze_shaurma_v4_a06: level 3 4-ze_otakuroom_v5_6fs Level 3- will be the hard 5-ze_8bit_v4b Hard Maps, if you will add them in the event, will be good event