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  1. aF! mohamed.

    Good activity nice player, help players as a donated admin, your application is so good, good luck. Also about question 7: dude you did mistaken, you have not to warn him, since you only can do: spectate him for checking if he is a hacker, just type /ban -player name- 10080 Aimbot or ban him from admin panel. 10080 minutes = 1 week.
  2. aF! mohamed.

    Hey, you want to talk with ingame, he can help.
  3. aF! mohamed.

  4. aF! mohamed.

    probably there are players didn't know some Zombie Revival (ZR) commands, if you don't know all commands just follow me: Note : Please read these lines before reading the commands. SourceMod have 3 methods of using sourcemod commands !command - this method can be used only in chat and everyone can see this command executed by you. /command - also can be used only in chat but your message will be hidden in chat. sm_command - this method works only in console. (In the next examples i'll use this method) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zombie:Reloaded commands: sm_zmenu (/zmenu , !zmenu) what did it do: Open Zombie Reloaded Menu. sm_ztele (/ztele , !ztele) what did it do: Teleport to your spawn. sm_zspawn (/zspawn . !zspawn) what did it do: if you join late, use this command and you will spawned. sm_zmarket (/zmarket , !zmarket) what did it do: Buy Weapons and making setup to your spawn weapons. sm_zclass (/zclass , !zclass) what did it do: Choose/Select your classes skins (Your Zombie & Humans Skins). HlstatsX Commands actually it's not needed to use !sm_command in this situation !top10 , top10 what did it do: Shows Top10/Top12 Players ranking on the server. !rank , rank what did it do: Shows your rank and your sessions/points on the server. !session , session what did it do: Shows your ranks and your sessions/points on the server. !points , points what did it do: Shows your ranks and your sessions/points on the server. !place , place what did it do: Shows your rank place in stats. Official Server Commands: sm_shop (/shop , !shop) what did it do: Buy stuff from the server for examples: Arua, Trails, Tracers, Chat and name Colors. sm_tp (/tp , !tp) what did it do: You will see yourself/your skin. How to Buy Weapons from either way with names in chat: sm_p90 sm_g3sg1 sm_sg550 sm_ak sm_mp5 sm_m3 sm_m4 sm_xm sm_scout sm_awp sm_glock sm_fiveseven sm_usp sm_deagle sm_elite sm_p228 sm_he sm_smoke sm_aug sm_ump sm_tmp sm_galil sm_knife sm_mac10 sm_m249 VIP Commands: sm_vip (!vip , /vip) what did it do: Open VIP Menu sm_glowcolors what did it do: makes your skin colored sm_rainbow what did it do: makes your skin colored randomly. sm_tag what did it do: using tag, chat and name colors. sm_namecolro what did it do: colored your name. sm_chatcolor what did it do: colored your chat. sm_tagcolor what did it do: colored your tag. sm_joinmsg what did it do: showing a message when you join. VIP Stuffs: all Your stuffs will be in VIP menu if you are Test/NiDE VIP. i hope this post helped you. Not sure if i wrote all commands, but if i forgot any of them, please tell me and i will edit my post.
  5. aF! mohamed.

    Hamoud, finaly you made a topic for admin application +1 to my brother hamoda
  6. Happy New Year NiDE Admin Team, and NiDE players ❤️🔥

  7. aF! mohamed.

    Hey! you have been muted for 2 hours with Reason (Spam) - you had 2 comm bans (chat) before i gagged you. The first - 10 minutes, the second - 10 minutes, - We can not unmute you because you spammed the chat with typing: 'Niiarks *looser*noob*bot' more than 30 times.
  8. i will see you sooooooon!!!, Promoting mohamed to Server Admin, ty

  9. aF! mohamed.

    well, weird, i have not met anyone having this problem, Check: 1- Update your css 2-Check your steamid if has issues Nothing else, when you connect to server you read a message in chat like this: [Shop] your shop is loaded, and ready to use... ? if you still having this problem , this will be from server issues.
  10. aF! mohamed.

    Its not considering abuse, the admin in right situation, and he kicked you for spec abuse, Its right the vips before New year vip abused spec, because they bought it, and you are having free vip, it is not allowed to abuse, also you have 3 teleports that can help you when you escape from zombies. Wait until @ire reply.
  11. aF! mohamed.

    Good Application, and you are good active player on the server, also, i like your answer in question '7' +1 to you, it's right you have not been admin, but i will help you if you are , Thanks for apply
  12. aF! mohamed.

    You are right, i haven't met a server like Nide servers, nide is different nide really give me helpful to complete playing css, thanks ingame about your servers, and thanks to ire for developing ZR thanks so much. The server was having problems and we called the server the retired But, the server was getting better in the first 1 month and the second, me and ire tried to find ways to fix these problems, we fixed 1 problem (Game commencing) then ire fixed the another problem (Crash, it crashed everytime, but now its ok the server is crashing until now but not always) After the server has been fixed from all problems, inGame decided to add more bots that will help the server and stay it alive, thanks to ingame for that a lot, Thanks Thanks, to ire too, to all players who supported nide and who played NiDE, Love you all
  13. aF! mohamed.

    3 maps have already added, another 2 maps not worth adding.
  14. aF! mohamed.

    Thanks for apply Your application is good, but the answer in question 7 is not fit, it would be bad answer, how if someone uses aimbot you will kick him first???? You were not good admin, you were having 1 problem, is abusing teleport commands, +1 for the application and -1 for abusing, =0