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  1. I admire that you put time and effort into this application,made it proper,plus you didnt hide the fact that you werent an administrator on servers ,thats something I respect. The others have already said what I had on mind,so I will not repeat it all again. Get some more hours on the server,and you should be ready to join us.And about the knowing you part,I believe that will solve itself in time. Good luck
  2. Ash

    While I understand what you want,or wish to achieve.You need to let go of this thing or you will end up in an endless loop.You will keep trying,you might succed with convincing a few people to stop being `toxic` or `racist` but you will always have the other 98% who will never listen to you,and why should they? They do whatever they want with their lifes,they have the freedom of speech . They have the freedom to decide wheter to stop or not etc. (even if they know trouble is coming) The way I see it,most of the players we have here,are just trying to have a good time,they say the most random things overall,make jokes,references etc even insult each other (well not literaly) but they all do it for the laughs,and maybe to mess with someone a bit (playfuly) People feel safe behind their screens cause they know they will never meet you eye to eye,so take that into account aswell. As admins we are here to enforce the rules of the server and community ,guide the players,teach them,help them enjoy their time here. Personaly I would say that you are way better off focusing on something else,you cant control everything. Focus on yourself,and if you want to be an admin,focus on getting ready to do the damn job well.As staff you need to be ready to stomac,whatever is said or happens and act accordingly
  3. Ash

    Neutral,I can see that you really want to be an admin here,but I am concerned about your english level,I am concerned it might not help you understand us,in case we speak fo something more complicated etc
  4. Ash

    As Killik mentioned most of the things I will go with a -1
  5. Ash

    I have to agree that your mic acts like crap sometimes and your voice gets laggy.It probably has nothing to do with our settings as we can hear other people just fine. And there are reasons people didnt complain 1st : They absolutely dont care 2nd: They focus on playing,thats why they come here anyway 3rd : They have you muted,used sm etc, 4th : They have their volumes set down and 5th : They have no audio,they dont own speakers or headphones or any audio devices. You have been muted for sh*t mic,we have a rule against those.THe mute has nothing to do with you personaly or whatever group`s recruit you are. Staff will never act only on emotions and will never act upon personal grudges.IF it happens we discuss it. Either way I never saw RockLee punish anyone unfairly,he always has a reason. Fix your mic,buy a new one ,check your settings.It could be your system getting stressed too much,if it gets overloaded audio usually stops getting recorded,sent properly.Thats why audio lags etc.
  6. Ash

    We are glad to hear you have been enjoying your stay here,and that the server became something similar to a `home` for you.You have done nothing wrong by sharing these with the community.We want to make sure our players enjoy their stay here,and it doesnt hurt to hear that someone is enjoying their stay. Thank you for your suport,concern towards the server`s well being and lifespan.I know we will try to make it a long and great journey. If you need help,dont hesitate to ask.I know many of us will try our best to help you. People call each other things,or least trash talk to have fun,or laugh a bit.But the real problem doesnt come from the words etc,it comes from not knowing wheter that person is being serious or not,you can never know especually as we are all miles away,sitting behind screens.Even I trash talk sometimes,I could be joking and someone takes it bluntly and then bam a grudge is created.Usually the best way to play this is to just play along,take it all as a joke ,if there is hate try and fix it in a calm and reasonable manner.If its no use,I prefer to block and ignore their existence.(Cruel I know but you gotta push the wrong people out) Anyhow,thank you for sharing your thoughts,support and concern for our server and community. I hope you will keep enjoying your stay,and dont hesitate to ask for help or support from our fellow players or staff. Good luck and Have Fun
  7. Ash

    As far as I can see you havent answered all of the questions provided by the staff application template/form.For example you wrote almost nothing about yourself personaly.And there is also a bonus question wich new staff candidates should consider answering ( question 7) Plus you didnt add your age next to your name.And you didnt mention what's important to you in a server or community. Check the application template/form again maybe edit and answer the other questions aswell. As Niiarks mentioned you speak multiple languages (wich is a huge advantage) and you are active especially on ZR. That's all great but : I will stay neutral for now.
  8. While I admire that you are willing to help and learn.And that you were honest while writing the app. I must go with a -1 I doubt your english skills,I have a feeling you will not be able to communicate with the players and other admins effectively,and that is very important.Communication is key to doing the job well.And well if you don`t understand the critics/advice players or higher staff give you,you wont be able to learn and improve fast.Plus you wont be able to keep up if staff talk about a more complicated matter or subject.On the end here,I will mention that players will make requests,and you must understand those requests ,in order to please the players. I reccomend that you start working towards improving your english,maybe watch how the staff do their jobs,ask for advice/knowledge from others,learn the rules and prepare more for next time you wish to apply. Have a good day and good luck next time
  9. Ash

    No offence,but this is dumb,you could have just made a private skype call or a call on diskord ,to talk with your native friends.Nobody else would be bothered,simple.Another thing I want to mention is that you need to think and see things in the perspective of other players,do they come here to listen to your voice 24/7 ? Cause as far as I know these players,come here to play in an enjoyable environment,they want silence sometimes,so they can relax and have fun.There are times they listen to people for a good laugh or when someone leads. They might have patience to listen to you for a while,but after 3-5 minutes they have enough,and I cant blame them. I support klixus on this subject,but this isnt only about you or your friends.This is about the server and its players,we must make sure our players enjoy their time here.If there was chaos,something should have been done.Peace and some control must be held,otherwise sh*t hits the fan ,fast. That time wich you used to talk,or just watch things go to hell.Could have been used to improve as an admin,and improve your performance.
  10. Ash

    I will stay neutral on this.