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    @paranoid Then tell me brother how does it makes gameplay more easier man..
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    @paranoid The video you just showed is the guy using the resolution of 16:9 or 16:10. Try to understand that many people playing don't have such type of pc or gaming set and most probably are using old one's or their own personal preference is 4:3 video settings because not only it gives you more fps but it also helps you to do the damages on zombies/bosses but as I have also used the 4:3 settings trust me it is very hard to see lasers because the player viewmodel is just too fat and is almost blocking the whole front view to see what's about to come. Then you are saying to stay at front to avoid the player model block bruh try having a high ping like 200 or 250 and try to stay front and dodge the lasers and sh*t then tell me is it fair or not. Well it's still your opinion about it and there are no complaints about it but of your's of course so the higher admins will do what will be the best not only for the people who have great pc but for the budged gamers too :).
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    I totally disagree with you paranoid in this one because the hide plugin is not only just helps people from seeing the front but it also increases the fps what matters the most in many maps specially the lasers one. From this plugin it is easier for them to see what is happening in front of them too just like striker said that it is not fair and you have also seen many players in the server block the views of other people for fun. Brother they have also done their hardwork to reach to the end of the map and imagine someone blocks your view for fun it is just unfair. In short, it is a good plugin and it doesn't effect the gameplay or makes it easier.
  4. @DamTac Me coz I'll have mic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. They always are checking who's doing what. You don't see what the higher admins are doing in the shadows and if you really think you can do better job then why not apply and prove us wrong? or are you just like the other kid brain people who just hates other except for themselves?. Again let the higher admins decide and I'm telling you that they have already seen this application and will or have done the checking.
  6. Both of you this is not an argument forum. This is an admin application forum. You guys can fight somewhere else and yeah stop cursing each other or insulting each other and let the higher admins do the job because they know what's right and what's wrong.
  7. Dunno about you, never played with you i think but the application is good. To the point answers (I like that) but remember idk if u spoofed or not everyone deserve second chance (not sayin u do spoof) +1 from me good luck
  8. Well, I get the point you're making that from the recent restrictions there are both advantages and disadvantages too. The advantage is that it stops people from wasting maps and specially stops the regularly played ff maps etc and the disadvantage is that many people also joins to the server when they see a good and tryhard map (ONLY WHEN THERE IS A LEADER IN THE SERVER). So I think the solution is simple here and that is we should maybe add a leader access just like unloze where those maps and the other tryhard maps that the fellow person has mentioned would appear in the nomlist only if the person who wants to play certain maps have leader access.
  9. +1 from me for fake raiden lenny
  10. AHS


    I am hoping for the same thing and I personally think that it will work.
  11. @NoOneKnowsMe I think u didn't read the reason (or you can even see it or not). He was testing something so I said okay go ahead I don't know about the other case but in my case he was testing something.
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