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  1. Heyfumi

    Making alt account to +1 himself
  2. Heyfumi

    !unchained https://fastdl.nide.gg/torchlight_css_ze/sounds/10-60/josh.mp3
  3. Heyfumi

    +1 My first time getting mentioned in admin abuse.
  4. Maybe if you actually try to play FF maps you will have map knowledge, experience and became the experienced player yourself, it looks hard when boat escape player said it, but its actually a fun map rather than playing most of casual map. Does not matter if you die at the ending of FF maps, you can always try to beat it on the next session.
  5. Heyfumi

  6. Heyfumi

    +1 buy css soon x)
  7. Heyfumi

    wester chaos holy with retextured laser gabranth red laser wester with holy
  8. Heyfumi

    when EOD?
  9. Heyfumi


    im sending a boat elites invites to people that are elites in boatescape maps
  10. Heyfumi

    Maybe making the req. player to nominate a little bit lower since when hard/laser map is available to nominate on _escape/nemesis map combo it is very hard since those map is boring if played too long aka. replaying the same 3 minute map over and over again, people join and then leave and its hard to maintain player counts. Example map is still 12 minutes left before voting and we nominate hard/laser map just to get removed later on since people are leaving. Or maybe you can freeze the nomination when there is 3-5 minutes left before voting, so if player count is dropping the nomination is not
  11. Heyfumi

    @Lightning Strike it was a joke lightning
  12. Heyfumi

    ok guys so today i play in NiDE, there is one admin named Lightning Stirk who abused his power by renaming all players on the server WAEL[TN] in skill_escape map and allowing people to spam their mic now everyone can win hard maps like deadcore, westersand, shroomforest2 and so on. My point is, is not fun when everyone is good at playing because we need yin and yang to balance it. Thanks for Reading.
  13. Heyfumi

    +1 Active admin and can nominate ze_mountain_escape_bbo_v1
  14. Heyfumi

    Server is always active most of the time and goes full when playing ff maps/tryhard or mountain map in general.
  15. Heyfumi

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