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  1. deepn can i join your big fan club ?
  2. ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy lmaooooooooooooo
  3. 1: Haziwa 2: STEAM_0:0:505296309 3: Twinpeaks 4: Zombie Escape 5: Mako v5 6: 2021-01-19 14:30 7: Twinpeaks was abusing random players and perm ip banned a random guy for no reason 8: Check demo/logs even other admins saw it and could tell it was abuse such as Heyfumi
  4. stop telling players to defend while yourself is doorhugging thanks and also stop shooting zms to be top defender during the boss fight on stalker thanks
  5. smh my head this is good i guess?
  6. its time guys hes making another stupid one
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