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  1. 1: Andrusha 2: STEAM_0:1:34704728 3: Rocklee (Monkey D Luffy) 4: Zombie Escape 5: ze_shroomforest_v4_5 6: 25.02.2020 20:52 MSK time 7: So, on lvl 4 i picked up heal and wrote in the chat that team should stay with me on the boss. But many players stayed in the middle as usual. I used heal and tried to save them. We won this lvl but it started again because of bug. After that, Rocklee wrote in the chat that I used heal for myself and gave me eban. A few minutes later, he transfered ammo from ArKO to XXDemon for no reason. I said that he is stupid and I will report him and he gagged me for 40 minutes. Stop give admins to people like Rocklee. 8: https://demos.nide.gg/css_ze/auto-20200225-182811-ze_shroomforest_v4_5.dem
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