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  • CS:S ZE Event #340 - WeeeD's Birthday

    CS:S Zombie Escape Event #340
    07/07/24 - 4PM GMT+2 (Server Time)

    WeeeD's Birthday

    12 Days of VIP to winners!


    🗺️ Maps to be played
    ze_fracture_v1b_css [Download Here]
    ze_cyberia_css1 [Download Here]
    ze_madara_temple_v1fix [Download Here]
    ze_palace_of_minolila_v1_s2 [Download Here]

    ⏰ Times of the event
    🇫🇷 France 

    07/07/24 @ 4PM GMT+2:00 
     🇺🇸 USA
    (New York)

    07/07/24 @ 10AM GMT-4:00

     🇮🇳 India

    07/07/24 @ 8:30PM GMT+5:30 

     🇦🇺 Australia

    08/07/24 @ 2AM GMT+10:00 
    🇷🇺 Russia

    07/07/24 @ 6PM GMT+3:00

    If you don't see your timezone here, you can convert GMT+1 by clicking on this link.

    📜 Special rules
    Rules will be enforced strictly during the event: spam in the microphone and trolling will not be allowed and will be punished without a warning.
    Any type of trolling will have severe consequences!

    👑 Leader
    Anyone willing to lead will get some extra VIP days has a reward.

    🎁 Rewards
    Winning the map ze_fracture_v1b_css will grant you 3 days of vip.
    Winning the map
     ze_cyberia_css1 will grant you 3 days of vip.

    Winning the map ze_madara_temple_v1fix will grant you 3 days of vip.
    Winning the map
     ze_palace_of_minolila_v1_s2 will grant you 3 days of vip.


    ◽ Server: CS:S Zombie Escape
    ◽ IP:
    ◽ Steam event link: NiDE Steam Group

    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    Winning the map ze_fracture_v1b_css will grant you 3 days of vip.


    No winners because the map needs a new stripper with new changes to balance the gameplay.

    Winning the map ze_cyberia_css1 will grant you 3 days of vip.

     "El Donte" STEAM_0:1:153872972 alive human
     "DEN566" STEAM_0:0:606664875 alive human
     "RegisteR *Mario*" STEAM_0:0:38954854 alive human
     "051" STEAM_0:1:119043502 alive human
     "Remi" STEAM_0:0:169985017 alive human
     "Haruka" STEAM_0:1:540536249 alive human
     "Loki" STEAM_0:1:182866309 alive human
     "'N'O'V'A" STEAM_0:1:795932803 alive human
     "yoshmi" STEAM_0:0:26975345 alive human
     "Vayphle" STEAM_0:0:25499571 alive human
     "[REDACTED]" STEAM_0:0:486992537 alive human
     "miku" STEAM_0:1:421678424 alive human
     "Deboss" STEAM_0:0:150687559 alive human
     "JakeSnowy" STEAM_0:1:63760752 alive human
     "Vndrew" STEAM_0:1:80408960 alive human
     "Ambitious" STEAM_0:0:121740322 alive human
     "Sansa" STEAM_0:1:16397196 alive human
     "Rebel" STEAM_0:0:233772730 alive human
     "_95" STEAM_0:0:18626487 alive human
     "Dmar" STEAM_0:0:79434523 alive human
     "STRiiKER" STEAM_0:0:193337151 alive human
     "zp" STEAM_0:0:535686 alive human
     "Big K" STEAM_0:0:10162572 alive human
     "Singleton" STEAM_0:1:65878464 alive human
     "CrispyPanda_" STEAM_0:1:515060499 alive human
     "SuPa W33DY <3" STEAM_0:0:11140292 alive human
     "Michiko" STEAM_0:1:233586636 alive human
     "zpax" STEAM_0:1:629653931 alive human
     "greentea" STEAM_0:0:137985212 alive human
     "smoovy" STEAM_0:0:91064570 alive human
     "LowParty" STEAM_0:1:150507906 alive human
     "PureOne" STEAM_0:0:469848584 alive human
     "Beppu" STEAM_0:1:454921932 alive human

    Winning the map ze_madara_temple_v1fix will grant you 3 days of vip.

     "a.?" STEAM_0:0:561327146 alive human
     "sito" STEAM_0:0:243844736 alive human
     "kr1s" STEAM_0:1:561323422 alive human
     "weeed" STEAM_0:1:706852775 alive human

    Winning the map ze_palace_of_minolila_v1_s2 will grant you 3 days of vip.


    No winners because the map needs a new stripper with new changes to balance the gameplay.

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