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  1. Deepn

    You can delete your topic you know
  2. Deepn

    Hello! I want an audi RS7.
  3. Deepn

    oops mistake sry, why didn't you named the topic JFX - F*ck deepn
  4. Deepn

    Winners have been rewarded, even those who died due to bugs.
  5. Deepn

    Indeed well written +1
  6. Deepn

    Okay, the first winner has been chosen you can go ahead for the next month and good luck again
  7. Deepn

    I think you already have trails from the shop on Zombie Revival server you just need to save some credits if im not wrong
  8. Deepn

    Hello, you are spending a lot of your time to try to get our admins tired by trolling and spoofing people always and always, yes it was a mistake but i can understand that it can happens when you have someone like you that goes so far in trolling. You clearly told me in Private Message last time that you will manage all your efforts to make our admins think that a random player is you after you spoofed him. This report will be closed since it has been created by you and i already know that you clearly try to bait our admins in a trap and then report them afterward with a little smile
  9. Deepn

    As we can see in the video provided here, we can barely see those lasers coming due to your item use, eban is justified. Topic closed.
  10. Deepn

    Hello, thanks for reporting, yes indeed it was clearly a mistake from him, he unbanned you right after but this ban shouldn't have been given in the first place, talked with him about this and hope that it won't happen again in the future. And please for next reports use the correct way to do it follow the template from https://nide.gg/forums/topic/4-report-template-use-this-when-reporting-an-admin/ Topic Closed.
  11. Deepn

    Hello, the application tells a lot on your desire to help the community, as Sausage said above, put some efforts in the application before we even consider taking you into the admin team. Beside this, your lack of english is another thing. Feel free to apply again in the future if this "desire" hits you. For now, denied.
  12. Deepn

  13. Deepn

    +1 very very active player and you learn fast, i think you would be a good admin with FOX, ire and mohamed by your side!
  14. Deepn

    Hello, since Bolol has gone for some reasons i will keep alive his concept with free VIP 1 month by guessing a number. You can participate either as no-steam or steam. Obviously it will be for all servers, ZR/ZE. This time it will be a bit different, the first month will be as reward 1 month VIP or 1 month Donated Admin ( only with people that i think will be able to show their capacity in being responsible and want to learn how to be an admin on NiDE, and don't think you can trick me i play on both servers, so if you are a known troller obviously the Donated Admin reward won't be a
  15. Deepn

    Well, to me it seems like a clear aimbot otherwise you are f*cking god and doing flickshots like a damn robot
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