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Locked How long will the administration inactivity and the trolling of these players last?


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1. Lunala nuk  tomcio pociog.

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5. 10.07.2021 2 pm

6.  Constant trolling on lasers with electric fire and ice. Admins are idle. 

7.  Demo

They enter the last stages, spoil the game, and exit. Why does the server need such players? And such dormant administrators?

Source Mod] Admins currently online:
[Server Admin] Sparky, Rognus™
[Donated Admin] f0rze
[Trial Admin] High

[ADMIN] Sparky : !zr_human @!me
[ZR] Sparky has brought back temarY to life.

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19 минут назад, Rognus сказал:

Map was beaten already and last round.

What does the last round have to do with it? the map has not yet been completed. Don't you follow the game at all? You have no excuse, you are inactive and imitate trolls.

Video excerpt

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  • Server Admin



Thanks for reporting ill watch the demos and then talk to the admins and reason with them on what do to next time 

lets try to keep it civil here guys please 

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