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  1. You got detected by the AntiCheat multiple times for "Autoshoot/Aimbot". Autoshoot is when a cheat fires a perfect 1-tick shot and It's quite common for cheats to do this when using aimbot. Autoshoot detections work by detecting 1-tick perfect shots that lead to a kill twice in a row (Autoshoot will get logged if another aimbot type was detected). There can be false positives if you use scroll for attacking (I have not heard anyone using it though) which it does perfect 1-tick input but that's your fault so the ban stays.
  2. Stop wasting time and liking your own posts. Locked
  3. https://bans.nide.gg/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch= STEAM_0:0:80500936&advType=steamid
  4. Topic will be locked untill there is answer from LSA's, as it's an admin application and it should be kept that way.
  5. I'm sorry If I ruined your round plus you were not even at the end and there were 3 players so why not just play another round with more players as they wanted. The next round of the 3 players that were alive didn't get motherzombie so what's the commotion here only you made it a big deal.
  6. I watched the demo and I wasn't online that time, I joined at stage 6 and it's correct that people used items on lasers on a round that they tried to beat the map. Players are punished except tomcio which he used fire to defend from zombies and duration went to lasers part.
  7. I know it's false flag I even unlimited your bhop on fapescape yesterday but it's not annoying you that you keep getting detected?
  8. Other bhopers are getting half of the numbers that you're getting that's why.
  9. Reduce the sensitivity of the scroll in win settings or in your mouse program because as I can see there are higher multiple numbers in the detections.
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