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Locked why did i get banned for trying to fight a cheater, and he doesnt get f*cking banned after killing the whole server ?


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so today i was chilling and playing ZOぞ and then some cheaters (2 of them)joined the server, one of them was spinning and killing people while the other one is perfect blocking and hitting people from 30 feet away i have a screenshot of their name (only one of them), so then what i tried to do like an idiot, i searched for a script and executed it, but when i was setting it up, so i can beat him it GOT ME BANNED, so am writing this ban appeal so i can get unbanned, because i didnt even have the time to use it, and it was only yo beat them so they leave, i really like the game and i rlly dont wanna be banned, and create an ALT to play on it. Thanks you for reading this and i begg you to respond as fast as possible. i would like to send you the screenshot but i cant on this site. Sincerely.



Discord: Jaeger#9026 

Roblox user: ouacimo

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idk how to say it but. when i go to the game, there is a message, which is : You were kicked from this experience:Banned from the game

Reason : Hitbox expansion

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