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Locked Freecazoid permabanned me without checking


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My nickname: mars

Steam: STEAM_0:0:11326430

2021.30.07-10:34:49 | Map - ze_atix_panic_b3t

Admin named Freecazoid permabanned me for no reason. I think it because i had a fairly large number of kills, and killed him often from a long distance. But the fact is that the server doesn't need such admins who will ban players without checks, etc. So you can lose online.

How long i played here, and in general in all ze, i realized that here is no place for professional and old players. From 2019 to 2021, i see teens crying that im a cheater, then they get admin access and ban me or the one they accuse. I'll even say about occvlt. How long i played with him and noticed that everyone was cryin that he was a cheater. I saw one admin named Batata, who doesnt even understand that on a train (and stairs) you can kill without using something. Where is ze going? Where do i go next? If one admin deprived me of the ability to play on 2 servers... 

Make admins read the rules!




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