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Locked Akadir & Laith's admin abuses


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1: Harraga
2: STEAM_0:0:19025260
3: Akadir, Laith
4: NiDE Chill
5: ze_sorrento_escape_v5
6: 01:50 in France
8: No demo since the demo panel for Chill NiDE is pretty much f*cked up. But you can check everyone's logs on sorrento map.
7: I was playing during those hours on the server, then a toxic guy named "flushr" told me I'm a retard because of my ingame name (ironic from someone nicknamed flushr but I won't say anything), I tried to ignore him but sometimes I can be a monkey I admit it so I got a little upset and insulted him in arabic since he understands. Laith who was there gagged me 10 min. He told me in arabic I can't insult other's people mothers blah blah blah. No problem I accept it. Gag didn't go the full 10 minutes cause he ungagged me before. Flushr kept bitching on me, insulting mother as well and got nothing. I got a little upset again but only against him. Then a Discord Manager who launches CSS once a month banned me with the reason "Raging french f**got" (while I won solo against 3 zm on the boat). I suspect one of them kicked me as well since I left the server without knowing why before the ban, no message, first time it happens.

I'm just a random player but I think NiDE should fix the management of the ZE admin team asap.
Nothing personal, it's even the first time I interact with them.
Laith got 2 reports in 1 week. Because he is not impartial and he's not the only one.
And for the other one, I think you know his nonexistent activity on both servers.

And yes, I know the ban is over since 11 hours. I hope you make the best decisions.

Thank you

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  • CS:GO Server Manager

Hi there, thanks for your report.

I will talk with them. From what I've read in the chat, of course you said bad things in arabic, and that was worth of a gag.

But that didn't come from nowhere, and the players Nakre and flushr should also have been muted previously, maybe you wouldn't have answer to him if he was muted before because they also deserved it.

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