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I'll just keep it short and simple cus it's "another bhop script" case:

This guy named ".." mad sus. This demo should make it self-explanatory, especially round 3 where he's mother ZM.

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I watched the demo and his bhop is normal since some days ago we changed something about bhop.


zr_class_set_multiplier humans jump_distance "1" > "1.04"
zr_class_set_multiplier zombies jump_distance "1" > "1.04"

Basically you take more speed when you jump, this has been added because we increased the knockback and the bhop is now part of the game.


We have an anti-cheat that detects if someone is using something, if that player is using something the anti-cheat would have detected it.
Since it didn't it's legit for the time being. We will keep and eye out for him.

Thanks for the report.
Best regards.

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