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Hello guys!


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So, hi! My name is Krzysztof and l am 20 year old, my birthday is at 29 april.

 I'm from Poland, but l live in England right now.

I am friendly person who like to spend time playing on computer, normally l am helpful person and l can trust people sometimes. 

I played all kind of counter strike zombie modes. My first zombie adventure started at cs 1.6, l had great time at 2010 and 2012. After CS GO came out I bought it and waited for zombie escape servers as well l was a god at dodging lasers, sadly l lost this power but lm slowly recovering. I played on many zombie escape servers, and been an administrator once. 

After playing and playing cs go l decided to move to counter strike source. First I played on UNLOZE, but now l play here. I'm still kind of bad at some bad naps, because l didn't played for a long time. But lm learning very quick. 

My favourite maps: 

Final Fantasy maps, because of how some of them difficult can be, and l like map called "doorhug_and_solo" somethinke that. There is many other maps that l like but l simply can't remember their full names.

I hope you will accept me well to this community, and we will have great time together.

PS: Please ignore any spelling mistake. I was typing this at night.

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14 hours ago, EN CHAIR ET EN sh*t said:

? how you say it ? 


Welcome  to nide @ShadowCreepy

I hope you will appreciate the community.

Haha, difficult for non polish speakers, but you can just call me Chris or Christopher, it will be easier. 

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