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  1. Lefarno

    a big +1 good luck mate!
  2. Lefarno

    Good luck EPC Legend
  3. Lefarno

    +1 for being a JoJo fan
  4. Lefarno

    I love ze surf maps keep up the good work man!
  5. Lefarno

    Welcome to nide
  6. Lefarno

    I really agree with glacius. I dont really think that we need a new logo. Our logo looks fine.
  7. Lefarno

    Ye I dont think its portable to cs:s because it has a lot of vscripts
  8. Lefarno

    Here is the new NiDE Discord Server ---> https://discord.gg/QFjz9Py Feel free to invite friends.
  9. This is me and Pasas map currently right now! We are still in the process of making the layout of Level 1! Spawn Area Boss Arena Lvl 1 These are the items currently being worked on by Pasas1345 Ice Fire Wind Ill update or edit this post if I add anything new to the map
  10. 1: Your name - My name is Lefarno or you can call me Lef. 2: What server you wish to administrate - I want to administrate the CSS ZE Server 3: Previous experience I was an admin back in the old NiDE. So I kinda have some experience with admin commands. 4: Reason for applying - I want to be an admin on this server because I genuinely love this community and I want to take care of the server. 5: Other things that we might need to know about you - I'm currently mapping my own Zombie Escape map and I plan to give it to this server :3