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Locked Reporting HA Meboun


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1: Your own ingame name: Root
2: Your own steam-ID
3: Name of the admin(s) HA-Harraga
4: What server did it happen on-Nide Zombie Escape
5: What map: Ze Nemesis Batata Escape
6: Time and date: 23:35-08/05/2020
7: Explain the situation: Disrespecting/instulting in Algeria Words as soon as i join the game he said bad words to me and i give him it back we keep going like that his trash/kid don't find what to reply so just banned me Admin Disrespecting? what respect he has? there anyone respect ha in server?
8: Proof Demo on batata Escape


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Hello Root,

The fact that you used an arabic word for "fa***" in the title of your report makes you lose all credibility. And I advise you next time to use Google Translate if you want people to understand you.

Correct me if I'm wrong but your very first words to me after coming on the server, when I didn't even notice your presence, were:

ahla haraga il 3atay according to this link no need to say anything.

It wasn't the best thing to do but yes I did answer to you in a bad way. A long discussion followed.

You came with Shizruo and Ope.L for the sole purpose of being toxic. Needless to say that NiDE doesn't allow toxicity, whether in english, arabic or any other language.
As a warning to stop spamming the chat with arabic sh*t talks, I banned one for an hour. It happened to you because you were the last one whose chat I read as I was focused on the game. Lardy reduced the ban to 10 min.
So you guys continued to be toxic on the next map while I ignored you.

I'm sorry for what happened but let's be clear from now on, I ask you not to interact with me in the future if it is not for purely administrative purposes. I've already lost enough brain cells on WAFG.


Edited by Harraga
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  • Event Manager

Hello, thank you for the report.

Like Harraga said, we don't allow any kind of insults or toxicity towards others and because of that you were banned.
Next time you join the server try to be more friendly, or don't chat at all if in the end you will get banned for something that you can prevent.

After all been said, you deserve your ban so you can cooldown a bit.

Case Closed!

Best regards.

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