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  1.  My name is Clément and I'm 22yo
  2. My discord name is Clyce#5653
  3. STEAM_0:0:80972702 for ZR-CSS
  4. I play CSS since 2 years now but 9 months on Nide serveur
  5. I play a lot at the week-end
  6. I think I could be a good guy because i really like when the game is the same for everyone, like I don't want to use benefits of admin to win the game. I just want all people to be at the same high. I can speak english, french and a little bit deutsch but i'm really present on the chat like to talk with other guys or to answer questions. 
  7. I have already been a donator admin on the server and it's great when people shoot or move props of other guys just to kill them. For me it's fair that everyone has to respect the server rules to keep a good mentality and to don't loose people.
  8. I'm a french student in graphic design near to Lille in the north of the France. I usually play at week-end or when i have time to connect myself. And I'm a community lover who like to talk with other guys even if i don't have all the time to answer them.
  9. If one guy being specious to using aimbot, i think i would go spec him and look at his gameplay, talk simple question just maybe like kill one guy in the foot or to shoot a part of his body to see if it's directly go on this head or no. Then i would probably record the gameplay to show them to higher admin in order to discuss on that 
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  • Server Admin

Hello Clyce 👋,

I will talk frankly with you first yes I see you playing a lot and I didn't see you breaking the server rules when you were (donated admin) I understand you very much that you don't take anything seriously in the game because you know it's just a game so I didn't see you making problems or something like that you just play well Good and committed to the application of the law and committed to the laws of the server and this is good so I believe in you also I do not see any problem with you you are very good.

soo take (1+) from me and Good Luck bro ^^


Regards 🌹.

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