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Locked unfair kick/eban


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1: Your own ingame name MMRandy
2: Your own steam-ID STEAM_0:0:1775601333
3: Name of the admin(s) involved (EN CHAIR ET EN sh*t)

4: What server did it happen on [Free VIP] Zombie Escape :: NiDE.GG :: Rank|FastDL|SSD

5: What map Ze_bathroom Ze_Pidaras_v1_4fix3

6: Time and date 22:02  04/12/2019
7: Explain the situation: In bathroom map i wanted to pick Moustrap bcecause  i know what i should  do in bathroom to win but Fouzy player reached to moustrap i tried to use my wall item to stop him but i failed then someone of the admins kicked me for troll but i deal with it and i didnt say anything  then we started play Pidaras i picked Heal item and i used it to give my team the Hp then EN CHAIR ET EN sh*t kicked reason Stop troll or banned ??? i deal what i did in bathroom but kicking me for  using  Heal item  to give freinds hp is troll ? i don't understand the troll in that  since new admins are ingame Server is f*cked up
8: Proof Go  Watch demo

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Hi MMRandy,

To begin, whe have played the map ze_bathroom. In this map, you pick the wall and try to block Fouzy (whis the mousetrap) with this. This action is simply a troll. Whe never use wall against Human.


@G. House Brown ask you, why you have used the wall like that. You answered him like someone who have nothing to do with it "bcs i want". 


So, the eban was correct and justified. Besides, @G. House Brown thanked me for the punish against u.



For the map ze_pidaras,

In the first round, you take heal and make a "soloheal". Whe can see in this screen all human in front of the door or going in front of this door.


And... whe can see one man doing a soloheal here, called "MMrandy" 


I'm eaven trying to reach you to have HP of the heal (while i was one of the closest player to you), but i didn't receive the HP because you fall back when the Heal item was over. Whe can see in this screen your HP was 250 and my was 100.



To conclude, you are not a new player, so you know how to use item and where. Someone with good intentions don't stuck his teamate in a wall or soloheal. It was clearly a troll. I add to my words the validation and encouragment of the other admin connected ( @G. House Brown), the punish against you was justified.


PS : Do not forget that you are known for trolling in Zombie Escape. Do you remember this topic ?


We already watched the demo, and @Anwar has given you proof in discord. Maybe it was a fail, but with your troll history that's sadly hard to believe. 




Thanks for reading, hope the Lead Server Admin team will make the right decision.

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  • Server Admin

This case seems clear to me.

Both the 2 situations were an attempt to troll and the punishments were justified.

Seriously Randy, grow up a bit. I know it's a game and we are supposed to have fun, but don't forget that some actions you do might be funny for you, but for some people might be not fun at all. Instead of saying sorry, you say "i use the wall as i want", which shows you are still not learning. You are warned, if i see some more trolling coming from you, the punishment will be higher.

I will close this topic tomorrow. Until then, feel free to add any commentary that you feel is needed.

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