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Locked Admin Boten Abusing ! ( Using Noclip for no reason/ Forcing Gravity / Trolling With Wall Item / Teleporting Players )


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1: Your own ingame name : Doesn't matter

2: Your own steam-ID : doesn't matter x2

3 : Name of the admin(s) involved : Aziz Bouderbala AKA BOTEN This is the abuser  @ Boten Anna
4 : His Steam Id : STEAM_0:0:33015549
5 :What server did it happen on : zombie escape
6 : What map : i don't remember BUT SINCE HE JOINED YESTERDAY HE KEPT TROLL AND ABUSE ADMIN COMMAND, MAYBE IF YOU MAKE THE EVENT HISTORY AVAIBLE FOR EVERYONE I CAN TELL WHICH MAP HE PLAYED AND ABUSED HIS ADMIN POWER " https://stats.nide.gg/hlstats.php?mode=playerhistory&player=600 "  ( please report it to Administrators ). YEA FIX THIS sh*t
7: Time and date : 2022-12-15 / 2022-12-14
8: Explain the situation : the admin keep teleporting players for no reason and give them noclip, and force low gravity in the middle of round without votes + using wall item to block players and then drop the item away GOD KNOWS WHAT ELSE HE DID WHEN I WAS AWAY 

9: Proof : is anyone here want to support my claim ? or its gonna get locked again for invalid evidence THESE TWO ADMINS @ Lardy  @ stickyclicker were there when he abused but they didn't do anything if it was donated admin their sight returns to work

@ Hobbitten are you a management here or a statue ? why you don't take action when admin is abusing or behaving horrible in your community server ? or you only do the job when its a donated admin and not your beloved server admins

and you @ Life is a Bitch who locked my topic forced me to write another topic and didn't bother to view his action logs 



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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Hello @ yoshmia
Usually at night they play these kinds of maps and it happens that there is some fun things like low grav, some commands used by Lardy etc.
People enjoy it and never complain. But indeed Boten might have been over use his power and use some votes.
And yes we check the logs but if you want to be active and constructive, feel free to apply as admin.
His admin is frozen 1 week. Admins power are not there to be abused.
BTW I want to focus on three things : 
1) Stop being like you are and insult people who spend time to handle the community. If you dont like it then just leave.
2) What happens between this report and the previous I locked for good reasons ? Funny thing.

3) As you don't want to tell us who you are, using VPN show that you are not very self confident. It's pathetic to act in the shadow like you do.
And last, Hobbitten do a lot for the community, I don't know who you are, what you do or what are your intention for the good of nide, but show some respects cause next time I won't show respect for you. 

People are mirrors don't forget that.
Topic closed.

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