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Locked yet again more abuse lol


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1: Your own ingame name christo
2: Your own steam-ID dk
3: Name of the admin(s) involved stickyclicker
4: What server did it happen on ze
5: What map santa
6: Time and date dont remember time prolly around 11p-12a 11/30
7: Explain the situation look below
8: Proof dont feel like going through the process


don't feel like getting demo but round 3-31 sticky mutes me for an hour after the second boss fight I believe for saying "the map is over and rtv" when rtv isn't even open.. Then AFTER I said I of course asked how that affected the event in anyway, and he proceeds to gag me for an hour also. Now, this abuse will only get worse. I've stated it wont end and he's gonna keep doing it and I even said his feelings towards me always affects proper judgement. He always wants to find the smallest thing to punish me for that literally no one else gets punished for no matter the player and I never report it because its honestly not worth my time. But its getting kind of annoying when he is always spectating me, blatantly letting other people troll besides me on almost all occasions, you don't think so? we've tested it out with multiple players that we know that clearly trolled and he didn't do sh*t. Even some instances where I do something that was a mistake (and say it was a mistake) he takes the opportunity in a heartbeat to punish me. His only excuse is my "history" but some players know me and when I troll I don't argue when I intentionally troll. If anything I have a funny tone or I laugh and I don't deny it. But when I confidently say a certain thing I do wasn't intentional or was a mistake just about any admin lets it slide but sticky takes his punishment to the fullest even when multiple people tell him it wasn't intentional so yeah. Not expecting his admin to be removed, you can however, expect more reports in this future because I know for a fact every time this guy sees me he just wants to do something he probably has a bind for me. 


btw talking about our boy Stickyclicker <DEFafatAmerican> or his other variants Stickyclicker <lvl7blazeddddddddddddddddd> or some immature sh*t like that with his slenderman profile pic LOL


UPDATE: told him enable nominations after enabling rtv and muted for 3 hours

[SourceComms++] stickyclicker <DEFafatAmerican>: Issued an extended mute on christo for 180 minutes (reason: tired of it).
*SPEC* [VIP] christo : ive already made the report all good
*SPEC* [VIP] christo : LMFAO
*SPEC* [VIP] christo : hes tired of it

said that ONLY in chat after the mute and gag for another hour


ANOTHER UPDATE decided to express my feelings to the poor little guy before my mute and gag registered because the new map change to the server and him being the poor clueless admin he is decides to refresh the mute back to 3 hours and on top of that put a silence for 180 minutes. He should know comm banned players get some time to talk before the mutes register right? Or I guess he just didn't know up until this point. With all the time hes had admin. Poor guy.  


ANOTHER UPDATE [SourceComms++] stickyclicker <DEFafatAmerican>: Issued an extended silence on christo for 1440 minutes (reason: avoiding). SAME AS LAST ONE LOL 

*SPEC* SantaFag stickyclicker <DEFafatAmerican> : next is ban

I dont think he knows guys.

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Hello Christo.
Thanks for making this report, I have checked demo, and from what I saw, I can tell that first mute on that RTV joke was indeed not justified and felt biased to me. We will talk with stickyclicker about this situation. But following gag and next portion of mutes were justified for your toxic behaviour and avoiding initial punishment.

However, as a New Year present, I will have a mercy on you and will decrease your silence duration to 12 hours instead of 1 day. 
Also, please, next time you make a report - it's strongly recommended to provide us a link to the demo and a timetick, since it will make handling reports much easier for us and you.

Best regards. 

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