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Couple suggestions about current settings...


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I suggest making settings a bit difficult, such as a bit smaller zombie knockback, a bit smaller amount of nades (instead infinite, maybe max 3 would be fine).

And increase zombie ratio on some maps, for example on santassination we would have 8-10 zombies at start, instead of 3 for example. 

Just couple small changes, so maybe gameplay would be a bit difficult at least, and so zombies have some chance as well.

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Nide players aren't ready for more difficult settings on hard maps we don't even play hard maps on Nide that much how about making them more difficult 

Maps like deadcore, gris, paramina, ridorana, Wanderer, tilex, rizomata, SAM ... etc I don't see them often before make them harder need to make nide players to get used with them 

 Never played santassination on new Nide it's known for one one of the hardest maps of ze, so we don't how the team will perform well  on it, need to play it before making it harder for Nide players  

I suggest to make settings on other easier maps that look like CT sided rather than make them difficult in rarely playing hard maps 

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Yea, we should try playing new maps, like do something so players will vote for harder maps, or rare ones. So they can learn. 

The thing I'm trying to say is, if we play same ■sh*t■ they never gonna learn. Like we will be stuck at the same "level". So maybe try putting some overplayed maps on higher CD (couple days, maybe keep same CD of popular maps). And try adding some maps that are at least worth playing: ze_MindTree, ze_cancer_gopnik_escape_v8 etc. Let people study the map each day, and we will be good. If we play one map, once a month they never gonna learn. 

I hope we manage to sort this out. Because it would be more fun to play with a bit more harder settings.

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