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Закрыто Christo Abusing Admin

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1: Your own ingame name: Teamster 
2: Your own steam-ID
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: Christo 
4: What server did it happen on: Nide escape 
5: What map: Ze_Industrial_Dejavu_v3, Ze_Minecraft 
6: Time and date: January 8th 2023 between 6-8p.m Est, January 10th ~ 10p.m Est
7: Explain the situation: We were on Ze Industrial and i nominated ze_skillshowcase knowing that he wanted that map. I don't like that map so I nominated before him so then I can change it right before the Nomination lock happens, I know it sounds slimy but its not illegal. He then kicks me, knowing that my map nominate would be removed and he then could pick skillshowcase. He knew what he was doing when he kicked me and he knows its wrong. I didn't report it because I didn't want to get involved i wanted to move on, fast forward 2 days and we are on Ze_minecraft i go to get the flint and i make my way to the teleporter but no one gets flint, times runs out and we die. Christo then proceeds to say "you don't know what happened" and continues to insult me. I defend myself and tell him i did my part but he keeps chirping me. I know I didn't help the situation but him being the admin, he should know not to be the one instigating an argument and harassing players.
8: Proof


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Im sorry someone explain what exactly this retard is reporting.. ??? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Nomlocking became a rule because of me buddy ask the other butthurt kids ive done it to.

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  • Management

The solution here is pretty simple.

Should never kick or harass players in anyway. However hes a donated admin and can insult if he wants but as long as it stays within a controlled area. Donated admin also means theres no professionality in it and which also means donated admins are not part of the NiDE staff team.

Nomlocking is against the rules however its not written so that may make some sort of confussion as we decided not to write it down as there simply was no need for it.

None of you will be punished for both actions but left with a warning for the actions which had happened. If something like this happens again make sure to report it shortly after so it doesnt build up so a LSA or someone else in high staff can handle it before it becomes something that really sucks in the long run.


Anyway thank you for understanding the decision taken. If your unhappy about it you can contact me on discord Hobbitten#8693


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    • sorry i was a bit confussed if i had to reply to #6 as it looked more like a telling ill note it for next time thanks for looking into my application tho appariecate it   
    • #6 wasn't answered. One more thing - your application looks rushed.   -1 from me
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