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How to go back to old overlays


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we all know these old overlays are really sh*t and are ruining my screenshots. This is tutorial on how to get the old overlays back.

Step 1: Create a new folder in your /cstrike/custom/ folder. It can be called anything, but I chose to call mine "zr_overlays"
Step 2: Head to /cstrike/download/materials/zr/ and copy all files relating to "humans_win" and "zombies_win". You do not need the "zvision" files, so don't copy them.

Step 3: Create another folder in your /custom/{overlay folder name}/ folder called "materials". Inside of this folder you must create another folder called "overlays", and inside of that folder, create a folder called "overlays".
The path to this folder should look like this: /cstrike/custom/zr_overlays/materials/overlays/zr/

Step 4: Inside this folder, paste the files that u copied from /download/zr/ earlier.

Step 5: Each of these files must be renamed to "humanz_win" and "zombiez_win" instead of "humans_win" and "zombies_win"

After following all these steps, you will get the original and better overlays back on nide.

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15 hours ago, Lord Vader said:

Or you can just deal with the new overlays.

if people wanna change it let them lol, css is all about customisation if people dislike the new overlay and prefer the old one they have the ability to change it

just like they can change the custom models, the weapon skins, the zombie sounds, the guns, the gun sounds etc

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