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All Zombie Revival Commands


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probably there are players didn't know some Zombie Revival (ZR) commands, 
if you don't know all commands just follow me:

Note :       Please read these lines before reading the commands.

  • SourceMod have 3 methods of using sourcemod commands
  • !command - this method can be used only in chat and everyone can see this command executed by you.
  • /command - also can be used only in chat but your message will be hidden in chat.
  • sm_command - this method works only in console. (In the next examples i'll use this method)

     Zombie:Reloaded commands:
  • sm_zmenu (/zmenu , !zmenu)           what did it do: Open Zombie Reloaded Menu.
  • sm_ztele     (/ztele , !ztele)                  what did it do:  Teleport to your spawn.
  • sm_zspawn (/zspawn . !zspawn)     what did it do: if you join late, use this command and you will spawned.
  • sm_zmarket (/zmarket , !zmarket)   what did it do: Buy Weapons and making setup to your spawn weapons.
  • sm_zclass     (/zclass , !zclass)           what did it do: Choose/Select your classes skins (Your Zombie & Humans Skins).

    HlstatsX Commands
    actually it's not needed to use !sm_command in this situation
  • !top10 , top10          what did it do: Shows Top10/Top12 Players ranking on the server.
  • !rank , rank               what did it do: Shows your rank and your sessions/points on the server.
  • !session , session   what did it do: Shows your ranks and your sessions/points  on the server.
  • !points , points         what did it do: Shows your ranks and your sessions/points on the server.
  • !place , place           what did it do: Shows your rank place in stats.

    Official Server Commands:
  • sm_shop (/shop , !shop)     what did it do: Buy stuff from the server for examples: Arua, Trails, Tracers, Chat and name Colors.
  • sm_tp     (/tp , !tp)                   what did it do: You will see yourself/your skin.
  • sm_resetscore (/rs , !rs)      what did it do: Your score will be reseted.

    How to Buy Weapons from either way with names in chat:
  • sm_p90
  • sm_g3sg1
  • sm_sg550
  • sm_ak
  • sm_mp5
  • sm_m3
  • sm_m4
  • sm_xm
  • sm_scout
  • sm_awp
  • sm_glock
  • sm_fiveseven
  • sm_usp
  • sm_deagle
  • sm_elite
  • sm_p228
  • sm_he
  • sm_smoke
  • sm_aug
  • sm_ump
  • sm_tmp
  • sm_galil
  • sm_knife
  • sm_mac10
  • sm_m249

    VIP Commands:
  • sm_vip (!vip , /vip)   what did it do: Open VIP Menu
  • sm_glowcolors        what did it do: makes your skin colored
  • sm_rainbow               what did it do: makes your skin colored randomly.
  • sm_tag                        what did it do: using tag, chat and name colors.
  • sm_namecolro         what did it do: colored your name.
  • sm_chatcolor            what did it do: colored your chat.
  • sm_tagcolor             what did it do: colored your tag.
  • sm_joinmsg              what did it do: showing a message when you join.

    VIP Stuffs: 
  • all Your stuffs will be in VIP menu if you are Test/NiDE VIP.

    i hope this post helped you.
    Not sure if i wrote all commands, but if i forgot any of them, please tell me and i will edit my post. 



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