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Steam account integration


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I have an issue with the steam integration
Seems like another account is using it, but I don't remember having multiple account on Nide.
I don't know if it's a mistake from me or from someone else.
Is there a solution for this please ?

Thank you in advance, and if you need any information I will be happy to provide them.

My steam profile : https://steamcommunity.com/id/zegawa/

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My problem seems to be fixed
I manage to link my steam account to my forum account.
I don't know what happened but it works now.
Thank if someone did something 😄

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I'm reopening this topic 😄
Because it seems like I have another issue...

I wanted to increase my VIP duration before it was expired.
But I noticed that my steam profile wasn't showing up :

So I checked in my profile to see if it was still linked to my forum account.
Seems like something is wrong:

I unlinked my steam account and linked it again
But I still have this weird message.

So I thought that my account was still linked and the message error was something else
I bought 1 month VIP, that is showing correctly in the Donation dashboard:

But when I join in game it seems like I didn't received my VIP :
It should be at least 30d.


@ .Rushaway  Help please 😞

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  • Management

@ ZeGaWa Hi we have some automation issues atm for our VIP purchases same goes for donated admin atm. Contact me on discord and I will come add it to you manually.

ZeGaWa and I have contact on discord and a solution will come soon 🙂 

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