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Locked [AIMBOT] zero-ed  STEAM_0:0:1716227


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This player is using an aimbot and a bhop hack even when an admin is online and doing nothing.
I was about to make a calladmin right when @ Chujoy  joined, so obviously the command didn't work.
So I asked Chujoy to spec this player, he told me "Oh I see" and then sit in spec doing nothing while the player could still use his hack like nothing.

There is no point for an admin to sit in spec and do nothin while a blatant hacker is on the server.
We can't make a calladmin because there is an admin on the server (It's logic) but then the admins that sit is spec should take actions instead of just playing random sound with torchlight.

zero-ed  STEAM_0:0:1716227

1st Demo, Aimbot visible
2nd Demo, bhop hack visible at the begining, after the door passed there is nothing to see.
3rd Demo, aimbot visible.

EDIT : He just banned him after 30min of doing nothing...

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First thank you a lot for your message and this feedback.
We removed the calladmin command when admins are already on server few months ago as it was a bit over used for no reasons while admins where playing at the same time. 
But I agree 100 % with the statement that if an admin is connected then he should do his admin work. Sure a player or an admin can be afk a bit, but otherwise it is better to leave server than stay afk for a while. So player who have issues on the server can call an admin.

I talked with Chujoy he was on the server but busy so this is exactly what I said before, it is better to have no admin than a afk admin online. 
He replied he will see but did that many minutes later. Sorry for that since the hacker could have stayed 30 mins and play while hacking.

We will talk about maybe adding back the calladmin command even if admin is online with staff.

Once again merci pour la notif !
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