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A really serious problem.

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Counttab is a real threat to the Zombie Escape community, let me tell you why.

He is Telling people to vote for the most garbage server killer maps at low population at the morning.

In my opinion he is responsible for the server to lose players and to kill the Zombie Escape community day by day by his stupid mic spamming while the map voting is on.

My suggestion is to mute Counttab permanently or at least at map votes because he convince people to vote for as example Paper escape in low population with bad players and no leader, causing players to get bored and leave and decrease the population of Zombie Escape which we all try to keep it up as its the only thing that we enjoy the most for the most of the players.

I hope this thread gets big and we get a solution for Counttab.



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  • Server Admin

He was and indeed annoying when he comes to server at late night (after midnight NA hours or EU hours) and vote influencing hard map.

Server Manager or higher management could restrict maps at certain times, how many players, or even a plan to implementing mute on mapvote (but again this will never happen because of many disagreement on admin team).

Not to mention, Lardy did a change for the map restriction to get underplayed maps but the catch is you get 10 minute map limit. So you can extend if anyone wants to beat the map and have a good team.

Oh yeah, he is the one of the kind guy that hate surf maps. So if you're smart enough to pick a map and not troll you can ignore him.

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