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Maps time restrictions

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Since this topic is always being ignored, I will tag the admin responsible for maps restrictions to reply with a valid reason.

@ Lardy , why maps time restrictions is forced for players without their opinion? isn't this server is meant for all players? or players that only play on the time that maps are not restricted.

Maps time restrictions are literally RACIST against people who play at NA times.

Maps time restrictions should not be applied without people votes or maps choices.

For example ze_pharos is played once a month or even less than that, yet its still time restricted and in admin nomlist.

Maps time restrictions should be removed or taken by players opinion ASAP. 

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Maps that are recently played has a cooldown already, you can increase it a little bit.

But restricting maps COMPLETLY for players at a certain time is just quite unfair to be. 


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People who play at a certain time get to enjoy zombie escape

yet people who play at a different time are FORCED to play the maps that available


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  • Server Admin

While I do agree with this, most of the maps have been known to be server killers in the past; though in most cases, I'd imagine it only killed server during EU hours.

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  • CS:S ZE Server Manager



The cooldown and the restrictions are here to manage the maps rotations and to add the best experience possible to the players.

it’s upgraded every weeks according to what is happening on the server during EU and NA times, including to increase/decrease CD or to move a map into admin nomlist for some reasons: broken map, server killers all the time, event map for example,  popular maps, easy maps, special maps…etc.

Note: I’m not against to insert a map, even if the map is under a time restrictions. I do it myself all the time when I see that the server is ready to play hard maps and vice versa when players want to chill and take fun only because yeah it’s not everyone that want to play mako or atix or whatever 24/7.


I carefully check every details possible to add the more balanced settings in the mapchooser for the best experience possible on the server, our players data base is not the same  all the time and the maps restrictions must follow it, some maps can be played all the time, some during EU, some during NA.


1/ why a map has time restrictions:

There are many reasons possible but I will try to focus on the main one.

- It kill the server, but not all the time, for example Mako v5, during EU times bring a server full in 5 mins (of course it kill the server after but players enjoy the map), during NA times, it kill the server during the map, players doesn’t extend, the map is wasted, it’s different.

basically, not adding restrictions on certains maps is to punish the players that could enjoy it, again for example mako at 4am.

So, instead to waste map by letting the possibility to nominate it and play it whenever, we prefer to add time restrictions on it to only let the possibility for the players that enjoy it to nominate and play it When they are active. Simple!

2/ Why a map has leader access:

the map need a good leadership to be win, the map is good but can be too difficult to be played without leader.

note: most the time, the leader is needed because players are not familiar to the map,  the fact is that without a leader the map will be wasted because it’s too hard and with a leader players will learn but more slowly.

3/ Why the maps has different coolodown between each other:

Some maps can be played often, some sometimes, some in event only, for example.

- Maps with low cooldown and no restrictions:

Popular maps, it bring players or they are easy to play, it doesn’t kill the server and can be used to « revive it »

Maps with low cooldown with restrictions:

popular maps but not all the time, bring players only during EU or NA, it can also bring players during EU and kill server during NA (FF)

map with high cooldown:

maps interesting to play but not as often as easy maps, not popular as the category above, most of the time hard maps that are good but unknown by players this category include the special maps.

- Leader:

the leadership matter on theses maps, it’s not really about the difficulty, some maps are not that hard but can become insane to play without a leader.

Good to know:

The difficulty and the popularity of a maps make 90% of their cooldown: a map that is popular bring players even if the map is hard: low CD.

note: a new map will always have a cooldown 15, to let the players discover and enjoy the new map, it’s also useful to me to see how players are interacting with the map:

- is the map bring players? Kill server? 

-is the map difficult for players? Easy?

-are players asking to extend? Rtv? Remove it?

Summary: on Nide everyone got his job, Server admin, tech, LSA, server manager etc…we need to split all of this for the good performance of the server, only one person can’t handle all of it.

It’s the same about the maps. 

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